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Handy Phrase Guide

    John Waters sets all his movies in Baltimore, a unique American city with its own distinctive accent. The accent is so distinctive, in fact, that you may have trouble understanding what characters are saying.

As a public service, the Two Jealous Perverts offer this handy phrase guide. Keep it by the TV to enhance your enjoyment of John Waters' brilliant dialogue.



--eah! Yeah!
Aw hate maw pahrunts too! I hate my parents too!
Aw'm scared rats ur gonna come auht end bawt maw new nawlons. I'm scared rats are gonna come out and bite my new nylons!
Aw'm trahuhna ohrn. I'm trying to iron.
Aw mean, aw lahk a lotta queers, but aw deaunt dig thur equipment, yeu kneau? Aw dig wimmen! I mean, I like a lot of queers, but I don't dig their equipment, you know? I dig women!
End she's been pessing nates! And she's been passing notes!
Es thur neau shame? Is there no shame?
Esshale Asshole
Et sez raht here, Baybs Jahnsan, a traylur, Phoenix Marland. It says right here, Babs Johnson, A Trailer, Phoenix Maryland.
Hah, hon, you got any Spray Net? Muh hahr's fallin' raht dahn, raht dahn awf mah hahd. Hi, hon, you got any Spray Net? My hair's falling right down, right down off my head.
Hullay, meuviegaers! Hello, moviegoers!
Purr Francine. Purr, purr Francine. Poor Francine. Poor, poor Francine.
Thet's whut aw'm livin' fur, baby: Yew, me, and now lettle Neuwdles. That's what I'm living for, baby. You, me, and now little Noodles.
Tyew jyeallis perverts! Two jealous perverts!
Yer rilly gaush, madam. A reglar little couchon, and that means pig! You're really gauche, madam. A regular little cochon, and that means pig!

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