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Get Crap
John Waters Stuff and Where to Get It


Of course we all want to get crap. We want as much John Waters stuff as we can get our moist, sticky little hands on.

The Two Jealous Perverts have no movies, books, CDs, or memorabilia for sale. However, as a public service, we have compiled a list of John Waters-related movies, books, and soundtracks.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it'll get you started. Items are listed in alphabetical order and most include the ISBN or ASIN.

You can get John Waters crap at all the usual on-line and local outlets: eBay, video stores, bookstores, record stores, and libraries.

Some of the items shown below are out of print. We don't keep tabs on availability, but sales outlets will have current information. Dreamland also maintains an up-to-date filmography and bibliography.

John Waters Movies on Home Video
Soundtrack CDs

Home Video


Cecil B. Demented
Desperate Living
Female Trouble
Mondo Trasho
Multiple Maniacs
Pink Flamingos
Serial Mom

Not available (bootlegs may exist)

The Diane Linkletter Story
Eat Your Make-Up
Hag In a Black Leather Jacket
Roman Candles


By and About John Waters

Shock Value: A Tasteful Book About Bad Taste
ISBN 1560250925

Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters
ISBN 0394755340

Trash Trio: Three Screenplays: Pink Flamingos, Desperate Living, Flamingos Forever
ASIN 0394759869

American Originals: John Waters (by John G. Ives)
ASIN 156025033X

Filthy (by Robert Pela)
ISBN 1555836259

About Divine

My Son Divine (by Frances Milstead)
ISBN 1555835945

Not Simply Divine (by Bernard Jay)
ISBN 0671884670

By and About Cookie Mueller

Ask Dr. Mueller: The Writings of Cookie Mueller
ISBN 1852423315

Fan Mail, Frank Letters, and Crank Calls
ISBN 0937815144

Garden of Ashes (Hanuman, Book No. 34)
ASIN 0937815365

How to Get Rid of Pimples
ASIN 0917061195

Putti's Pudding: Cookie Mueller and Vittorio Scarpati (Art Random: 11)
ASIN 4763685449

Walking Through Clear Water In a Pool Painted Black
ISBN 0936756616

Soundtrack CDs

Cecil B. Demented
ASIN B00004VW66

ASIN B000002O8L

ASIN B000002Q86

Hairspray: 2002 Original Broadway Cast

Pecker: Songs from the Original Soundtrack

Pink Flamingos: Special 25th Anniversary Edition

Serial Mom
ASIN B000008KK8


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