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Here are a few of our favourite websites. Click each link to go to the website. (You will leave Two Jealous Perverts.)

John Waters Related
Other Websites

John Waters Related

Atomic Books
This Baltimore bookstore features an entire section devoted to John Waters. We understand that Atomic Books also forwards fan mail to John Waters.

Cotton Girl
A great fan site devoted to Mary Vivian Pearce.

Courage, Bread, and Roses
David's tribute to the remarkable Cookie Mueller.

Dreamland News
Jeff Jackson's outstanding site fills you in on everything we don't, including up-to-date news about John Waters and a bibliography.

Dreamlanders page on

Seau chic!

Mink Stole Official Website
Read Mink's autobiography, consult her advice column, "Think Mink", and buy fun Mink merchandise.

Welcome to Baltimore, the Greatest City in America
The official website of the City of Baltimore.

...And here's a quick link to an search on "John Waters".

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Other Websites

Monologue Genie
If you dream of playing the lead in John Waters' next movie, this great collection of original monologues to inspire your audition.

Bundyology: Non-Official Married...With Children Site
Divine would have been right at home on this raunchy, hilarious comedy. Sadly, he died on the eve of assuming the recurring role of Uncle Otto.

Cate's Garage Sale Finds
Ugly crafts, garish cookbooks, romance novels, and how to be a clean teen. Francine Fishpaw would be in her element.

Catholic Online: Saints and Angels
Learn who's who in Divine's saintly Multiple Maniacs monologue.

Colin's Movie Monologue Page
Colin's amazing repository of movie monologues is still going strong.

The Crime Library
They're thieves and shit kickers, and uh, they'd like to be famous.

Dead Man Eating
Last meals of death row prisoners in the USA. No requests for "two veal cutlets" to date.

Eric Conveys an Emotion
Just plain hilarious. Our favourite: "sarcastic respect for authority figures".

Etiquette Hell
Do you commit mortal etiquette sins? The Dashers certainly don't!

Get Cracking!
Mama Edie would have crashed the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency's website.

Going Bridal
Enough hideous gowns to make Dawn Davenport blush. Real-life Bridezilla confessions too.

Homicide: Life on the Street
John Waters plays The Bartender in episode 1.8, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. He also plays R. Vincent Smith in episode 3.15, Law and Disorder.

The Internet Movie Database
Look up your favourite John Waters movie, and every other movie ever made in the history of the world.

Japanese Snacks
Japanese snacks are fun and delicious. We especially like the tubular, chocolate-cream-filled biscuit called "Collon".
A huge and fabulous collection of ephemera. Be sure to visit the Gallery of Regrettable Food.

The Simpsons
John Waters plays John in episode 4F11, Homer's Phobia.

The Vincent Van Gogh Gallery
Our own David is the Web's premier authority on Vincent Van Gogh. His site is endorsed by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Be sure to visit!

Where's That From?
A weekly screen shot quiz, plus commentaries on different movies.

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