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X Series - Acrylic / Enamel Gloss
XF Series - Acrylic / Enamel Flat (Matt)
AS Series - Spray Lacquer for aircraft
MS Series - Spray Lacquer for automobiles
TS Series - Spray Lacquer for automobiles
Limited Series - Spray Lacquer for automobiles

Important Note: X-21 Flat Base. When modellers are looking for a flat clear coat, all to often modellers will assume that Tamiya's X-21 Flat Base is a flat clear and end up with a icing sugar coating on their model. X-21 is an additive used to reduce the sheen of gloss colours and to make flat colours flatter. Here are the mixing ratios from Tamiya's paint product brochure:

Sheen wanted  Mixing Ratio
Semi-gloss colours: 10 parts paint + 1 part flat base (10:1)
Flat colours: 10 parts of paint + 3 parts flat base (10:3)

X Series - Acrylic / Enamel Gloss, 23ml / 10ml Bottles
X-1 Black
X-2 White
X-3 Royal Blue
X-4 Blue
X-5 Green
X-6 Orange
X-7 Red
X-8 Lemon Yellow
X-9 Brown
X-10 Gun Metal
X-11 Chrome Silver
X-12 Gold Leaf
X-13 Metallic Blue
X-14 Sky Blue
X-15 Light Green
X-16 Purple
X-17 Pink
X-18 Semi-Gloss Black
X-19 Smoke
X-20A Thinner
X-21 Flat Base
(Note: not to be used for a matt clear coat! See above)
X-22 Clear
X-23 Clear Blue
X-24 Clear Yellow
X-25 Clear Green (or mix X-23:1 + X:24:1)
X-26 Clear Orange
X-27 Clear Red
X-28 Park Green
X-31 Titanium Gold
X-32 Titanium Silver
X-33 Bronze
X-34 Metallic Brown

XF Series - Acrylic / Enamel Flat (Matt), 23ml / 10ml Bottles
XF-1 Flat Black
XF-2 Flat White
XF-3 Flat Yellow
XF-4 Yellow Green
XF-5 Flat Green
XF-6 Copper
XF-7 Flat Red
XF-8 Flat Blue
XF-9 Hull Red
XF-10 Flat Brown
XF-11 J.N. Green
XF-12 J.N. Grey
XF-13 J.A. Green
XF-14 J.A. Grey
XF-15 Flat Flesh
XF-16 Flat Aluminum
XF-17 Sea Blue
XF-18 Medium Blue
XF-19 Sky Grey
XF-20 Medium Grey
XF-21 Sky
XF-22 RLM Grey
XF-23 Light Blue
XF-24 Dark Grey
XF-25 Light Sea Grey
XF-26 Deep Green
XF-27 Black Green
XF-28 Dark Copper
XF-49 Khaki
XF-50 Field Blue
XF-51 Khaki Green
XF-52 Flat Earth
XF-53 Neutral Grey
XF-54 Dark Sea Grey
XF-55 Deck Tan
XF-56 Metallic Grey
XF-57 Buff
XF-58 Olive Green
XF-59 Desert Yellow
XF-60 Dark Yellow
XF-61 Dark Green
XF-62 Olive Drab
XF-63 German Grey
XF-64 Red Brown
XF-65 Field Grey
XF-66 Light Grey
XF-67 NATO Green
XF-68 NATO Brown
XF-69 NATO Black
XF-70 Dark Green 2 (IJN)
XF-71 Cockpit Green (IJN)
XF-72 Brown (JGSDF)
XF-73 Dark Green (JGSDF)
XF-74 Olive Drab (JGSDF)

AS Series - Lacquer, 100ml spray cans
AS-1 Dark Green, IJN
AS-2 Light Grey, IJN
AS-3 Grey Green, Luftwaffe (XF-24:3 + XF-27:2)
AS-4 Grey Violet, Luftwaffe (XF-24:1 + XF-51:1)
AS-5 Light Blue, Luftwaffe (XF-2:7 + XF-23:1 + XF-66:2)
AS-6 Olive Drab, USAAF
AS-7 Neutral Grey, USAAF
AS-8 Navy Blue, US Navy (XF-17:5 + XF-8:3 + XF-2:2)
AS-9 Dark Green, RAF (XF-58:1 + XF-62:5)
AS-10 Ocean Grey, RAF (XF-18:1 + XF-21:2 + XF-54:5)
AS-11 Medium Sea Grey (XF-19:3 + XF-54:5)
AS-12 Bare-Metal Silver
AS-13 Green, USAF
AS-14 Olive Green, USAF
AS-15 Tan, USAF
AS-16 Light Grey, USAF
AS-17 Dark Green, IJA
AS-18 Light Grey, IJA
AS-19 Intermediate Blue, US Navy (XF-18:5 + XF-2:4)
AS-20 Insignia White, US Navy (XF-2:10 + XF-55:1)
AS-21 Dark Green 2 (IJN)
AS-22 Dark Earth
AS-23 Light Green
AS-24 Dark Green
AS-25 Dark Ghost Grey
AS-26 Light Ghost Grey
AS-27 Gunship Grey 2 (F-16CJ Fighting Falcon)
AS-28 Medium Grey (F-16CJ Fighting Falcon)

MS Series - Lacquer, 90ml spray cans
MS-1 Bright Gold
MS-2 Bright Silver
MS-3 Bright Red
MS-4 Mach Blue
MS-5 Metallic Grey
MS-6 Metallic Purple
MS-7 Super White
MS-8 Fluorescent Red
MS-9 Fluorescent Orange
MS-10 Fluorescent Yellow
MS-11 Fluorescent Green

TS Series - Lacquer, 100ml spray cans
TS-1 Red Brown
TS-2 Dark Green
TS-3 Dark Yellow
TS-4 German Grey
TS-5 Olive Drab
TS-6 Flat Black
TS-7 Racing White
TS-8 Italian Red
TS-9 British Green
TS-10 French Blue
TS-11 Maroon
TS-12 Orange
TS-13 Clear
TS-14 Black
TS-15 Blue
TS-16 Yellow
TS-17 Gloss Aluminum
TS-18 Metallic Red
TS-19 Metallic Blue
TS-20 Metallic Green
TS-21 Gold
TS-22 Light Green (KR500 & KR1000F)
TS-23 Light Blue
TS-24 Purple
TS-25 Pink
TS-26 Pure White
TS-27 Matt White
TS-28 Olive Drab 2
TS-29 Semi Gloss Black
TS-30 Silver Leaf
TS-31 Bright Orange
TS-32 Haze Grey
TS-33 Dull Red
TS-34 Camel Yellow
TS-35 Park Green
TS-36 Fluorescent Red
TS-37 Lavender
TS-38 Gun Metal
TS-39 Mica Red
TS-40 Metallic Blue
TS-41 Coral Blue
TS-42 Light Gun Metal
TS-43 Racing Green
TS-44 Brilliant Blue
TS-45 Pearl White
TS-46 Light Sand
TS-47 Chrome Yellow
TS-48 Gunship Grey
TS-49 Bright Red
TS-50 Mica Blue (YZF-R1)
TS-51 Telefonica Blue (RGV500gamma '00)
TS-52 Candy Lime Green (ZX-12R)
TS-53 Deep Metallic Blue (Honda NSR500 Repsol '99)
TS-54 Light Metallic Blue (Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM 2000 Team Original-Teile)
TS-55 Dark Blue (Wolf WR-1 and Suzuki RG250gamma Walter Wolf Special Version) 
TS-56 Brilliant Orange (Honda NSR500 Repsol '99)
TS-57 Blue Violet (Raybrig NSX)
TS-58 Pearl Light Blue
TS-59 Pearl Light Red
TS-60 Pearl Green
TS-61 NATO Green
TS-62 NATO Brown
TS-63 NATO Black
TS-64 Dark Mica Blue
TS-65 Pearl Clear
TS-66 IJN Grey (Kure)
TS-67 IJN Grey (Sasebo)
TS-68 Wooden Deck Tan
TS-69 Linoleum Deck Brown
TS-70 Olive Drab(JGSDF)
TS-71 Smoke
TS-72 Clear Blue
TS-73 Clear Orange
TS-74 Clear Red
TS-75 Champagne Gold
TS-76 Mica Silver

Limited Series - Lacquer, 100ml spray cans
?? Alpine Blue
898268 Raybrig Blue (Raybrig NSX)
898299 Brilliant Orange (Honda NSR500 Repsol '99)
898405 Deep Metallic Blue (Honda NSR500 Repsol '99)
898428 Pearl Blue (Yamaha YZR500 '99 Red Bull & Honda CBR1100XX 'With Me')

NOTE: I am not a retailer and the paints listed here are not for sale. If you're looking for a place to buy modelling supplies, check out my mail order houses page.

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