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Also known as CA glue or Super Glue . I use this to glue dissimilar parts like plastic and metal, plastic and vinyl, etc. Be care if using it around clear parts as the fumes can fog the parts.

This is a two part (resin & hardener) adhesive that is mixed in equal parts. Mix thoroughly (1-2mins) or else it will not cure properly. When the two parts are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs to cure the epoxy. I use epoxy for bonding metal and dissimilar materials. You and get epoxies that have working times of 5mins, 10min, 15minm 30min, etc. They all take 24hours for fully cure.

Liquid Cement
A very watery adhesive unlike the tube glue you may be familiar with. This uses capillary action and the cement to flow through the joint of the two pieces. I use a draftsman's ink pen used on compasses. It acts like a fountain pen and I simply touch the pen to the joint and the cement flows from the pen into the joint. Very easy and no mess. Don't try to load a draftsman's technical pen with this solvent. It will cement the pen together. I know, I tried it!
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