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How to use Metalizers
The most important thing to do is make sure to have very smooth, bare plastic. Metallics tend to show all imperfects in the underlying surface, so extra time spent prepping the plastic will pay off in the end. Pay extra attention to seams where parts were glued together. I use 1500-2000grit wet/dry sand paper for polishing the plastic. And sometimes I polish even further with Tamiya's Polishing/Rubbing Compound until it feels as smooth as glass.

Once the model has been prepped, I spray the metallizer, straight from the bottle, with my airbrush. I usually apply two coats and wait 10-15mins before buffing. I use a very soft cloth for buffing. Well worn flannel is perfect. I used to use cotton balls and cotton buds (Q-Tips), but found it would remove the metallizer if buffed too hard.

To get a really bright , almost chromed finish, with buffing aluminium metallizer, I buff the part with SnJ's Aluminium Polishing Powder. Note: Inhaling powered aluminium is not a good idea. Be sure to wear a respirator while working with it.

The metallized surface is fragile so be sure not to handle or touch the metallized parts. Luckily most parts on motorcycles won't usually be touched once completed. I pick up my models by the tires. If you seal any of the metallizers, spray it very lightly. I just mist it on. The sealer will affect the shine of all of the metallizers. Only seal it if you think you need some protection for the finished surface.

1401 Aluminium Plate (BAP)
1402 Stainless Steel (BSS)
1403 Magnesium (BM)
1404 Titanium (BT)
1405 Gunmetal (BGM)
1406 Exhaust (BEX)
1412 Dark Anodonic Gray (BDAG)
1415 Burnt Metal (BBM)

1417 Brass (NBB)
1418 Aluminium (NBA)
1423 Gunmetal (NBGM)
1420 Steel (NBS)
1424 Burnt Iron (NBBI)

1409 Sealer
1419 Thinner

Custom Mixes for Alternatives to Tamiya Acrylics
1418:1 + 1417:1 Is a great replacement for Tamiya's X-11:1 + X-12:1 mix
1418 Is a great replacement for Tamiya's XF-16
1401 Once buffed, it is a great replacement for Tamiya's X-11

NOTE: I am not a retailer and the paints listed here are not for sale. If you're looking for a place to buy modelling supplies, check out my mail order houses page.

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