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Charcoal Respirator
I use a respirator any time I'm painting. Whether they are water based or solvent based paints. A charcoal respirator will protect your from the toxic fumes of lacquer thinners, mineral spirits, paint particulates, etc.

You can increase the life of your respirator's filters by storing the mask in a ZipLoc bag. This way it only cleans the air in the bag, and not all the air in your workshop.

Latex and rubber gloves
When painting I use latex or chemical resistant rubber gloves. Not only do these keep chemicals from being absorbed through your hands, it keeps you much cleaner at the end of a painting session. And, no oils from your hands will be left on the model.

Safety Glasses or Goggles
Safety glasses? Yes, absolutely! With all the cutting scrapping, etc. that is part of this hobby there is always a risk of something getting into your eyes. Styrene, thinners, X-Acto blade tips, etc. Try to make it a habit of putting on the safety glasses or goggles as soon as you sit at the workbench. Also good to wear when airbrushing to keep out solvents.

Sanding & Fiberglass Respirator
Even when not spraying toxic paints, there are times when you may be working with harmful materials. When using products like SnJ's polishing powders you must protect yourself against inhaling the fine powders. Like the alumimium powder included with the Alumimium Metallizer.

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