Here are some of my completed motorcycle projects and projects still on the workbench. In addition to pictures, you will find a detailed construction diary for each model. I've organized the models by manufacturer since most individuals have their preferred manufacturer.

What to use for display cases?
I've been looking for a long time for suitable display cases to protect my models. I found a couple of great audio CD cabinets at IKEA. One called the KRYSS cabinet and the other the BERTBY. I picked up four black KRYSS cabinets since it can hold twenty to twenty-five 1:12 models on it's five shelves. If you don't have an IKEA store near you, check out audio storage cabinets in your local furnishing stores. 

Note: The KRYSS and BERTBY cabinets are no longer available at IKEA. However in their 2004 Catalogue, there is a smaller wall mount unit called JÄRNA (W49xD17xH49cm) on page 98. It looks like it could hold 12 or more 1:12 bikes. It has glass shelves and sliding glass doors. The unit will hold 126 CDs (42 per shelf) so that'll give you an idea of its capacity. As a bonus, only $35Cdn!! The KRYSS units cost me $99Cdn.

IKEA's KRYSS audo CD cabinet

Recently Completed
Honda Z50J-III Gorilla
Honda's 'cute' little 50cc mini bike. Most North America's are probably remember seeing this when back in the '70s. However, the Gorilla (and Z50J-I Monkey) are still sold in Japan.
Honda Z50J-III Gorilla
German Military Bicycle
Bicycles were used extensively by the Germans in WWII.
German Military Bicycle
V-Max (Export) '90
Yamaha's cruiser has a brute of an engine, 1200cc, wrapped with an equally muscular looking frame and bodywork.
Yamaha V-Max (Export) '90
XLR 250R J.G.S.D.F. Motorcycle Reconnaissance
In 1975, the Japan Ground Self Defense Force (J.G.S.D.F.) began to employ the Honda XLR 250R off-road motorcycle for reconnaissance use.
Honda NSR250 Repsol GP Racer '90
XV-1600 RoadStar '99
Yamaha Motor Corporation calls the RoadStar "The ultimate streetfighter of the big-displacement cruiser class"
Yamaha XV-1600 RoadStar '99

Non-Motorcycle Projects
Although my site is dedicated to motorcycle modelling, I am also interested it other subject since my tastes are quite eclectic. For those who are like mined, here are some of my other models.

VW Schwimmwagen
October 29, 2002
I built the Schwimmwagen back in 2001 and always planned to build a base for it. However, I kept procrastinating since the only base I had done was for the 1:16 Kübelwagen. Although pleased with the asphalt driveway, I was not very satisfied with the look of the grass and gravel. So, that made me hesitant to dry a 1:35 base for the Schwimmwagen. Especially when water would be involved.

I recently got the incentive I needed with an upcoming contest. I figured the only hope of finishing something to enter, was to finally build the base for the Schwimmwagen.

VW Kübelwagen
December 07, 2002
Its been a while since I've worked on a motorcycle kit. I've spent a lot of time working on super detailing Tamiya's 1:16 Kübelwagen and have finally finished.

This project allowed me to experiment with a lot of painting and metal working techniques that I think will prove useful on my future motorcycle projects.

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