CB750F Custom Tuned
The CB750F is direct descendant of the 1979 World Endurance Road Race Championship bike, which won the race. What was learned developing the racing bike was quickly used when developing the CB750F road bike.
Honda CB750F Custom Tuned
CBR1100XX Super Blackbird '96
Unveiled in 1996, the CBR1100XX "Super Blackbird" set new standards for the large displacement sports motorcycles.
Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird
Dax Export 70/90 '73
The Dax followed the success Honda Monkey with the Dax being designed to be more suited to commuting, shopping, travelling to school and touring. It is a much more practical than the Monkey. 
Honda Dax Export 70
NSR250 Repsol GP Racer '90
First introduced in 1985, the all new NSR250 had its awesome V-2 engine influenced by the legendary NSR500 racer. The NSR250 was raced by many teams.
Honda NSR250 Repsol GP Racer '90
XLR 250R J.G.S.D.F. Motorcycle Reconnaissance
In 1975, the Japan Ground Self Defense Force (J.G.S.D.F.) began to employ the Honda XLR 250R off-road motorcycle for reconnaissance use.
Honda NSR250 Repsol GP Racer '90
Z50J-III Gorilla
Honda's 'cute' little 50cc mini bike. Most North America's are probably remember seeing this when back in the '70s. However, the Gorilla (and Z50J-I Monkey) are still sold in Japan.
Honda Z50J-III Gorilla
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