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Tamiya 1/6 Honda Dax Export ST70 - Overview

Kit Contents (#16002)
A:Metallic Red:13, B:Black:24, C:Black Vinyl:17, D:Chrome:38, E:Satin Chrome:62, F:Clear:3, G:Clear Orange:4, 
H:Clear Red:1

screws, 4 shock spring, black thin vinyl tubing, two rubber like tires

Total of  170 parts

Colour Schemes
Gloss Acrylic: X-
Flat Acrylic: XF-
Release History
19??/??/?? - 3000
The 1/6 scale 70cc engine is extremely well detailed. The carburetor is constructed of several pieces, including fuel stop cock, overflow hose, choke lever, etc.

Even a complete battery, coil, etc. was assembled and sits under the seat. The fuel tank is also included even though you'll never see it. The bike has functional suspension, seat, rear brake linkage, folding handle bars, foot pegs and kickstand.

Completed November, 1998







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