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Imai 1/12 Honda Z50J-III Gorilla (Orange)  - Overview

Kit Contents (#B-2243)
A:Black:9, B:Black:17, C:Chrome:16: D:Orange:7

2 tires, thin black vinyl tubing and decals

Total of 51 pieces

Colour Schemes
Hobby Colour
3, 24
Release History
1996 - 500

This a neat little kit. And give you some idea of just how small these little 50cc motorcycle are when set next to a full sized street bike. Just how small, will you can get 12 of this kits in a 'Small Packet' parcel compared to 4 Tamiya CBR1100XX kits.

The instructions are in Japanese, so its helpful to have some modelling experience.

I plan to use my Tamiya 1/6 Gorilla as a reference for adding more detail to this little kit.

Only con about the kit is that it doesn't have any clear lenses. I'm not sure if  I should just paint the chrome silver first and use the clear paints, or try and make proper lenses from some clear red and orange sprues.

Started: January 29, 2001
Completed: February 16, 2001




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