WYK 61 GRADS HOMEPAGE                                                                                    Updated February 02, 2006

If you're using Internet Explorer 6, you may have trouble viewing "Greetings to Father Farren - 1" (etc)  and "Fathers & former teachers still with us".  These five files contain imbedded photos.  If that's the case, please try Netscape instead.  There's still the possibility that you may not be able to open the above files.  The only way is to view the "Greetings to Father Farren - text only" file which contains the messages from all classmates.
Dedication 2003-Dec Father Farren-Greetings WYKAAO
School Hymn 2004-Jun Father Farren WYK (Kowloon)
Timeline 2004-Aug List of 80 WYKPSA (Kowloon)
Principals 2004-Oct IC 2004 WY-Various links
Jesuit fathers 2004-Dec 2005 Toronto reunion
Fathers & former teachers still with us 2005-Feb
Classmates & teachers 2005-Apr PHOTOS
61 grads roster by form 2005-Jul SonyImagestation
61 grads roster by name 2005-Oct Yahoo
TAK YAN-WYK connection 2006-Feb
WYK-DBS connection In Memoriam-Fr Albert Chan
RIP-Fathers, teachers & classmates In Memoriam-Mr. Francis Kong

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