Yahoo Website

For photos with large groups, access this website:

Click "Sign in to Yahoo".  Enter the following info:
    yahoo id:     ejojuz (small letters)
    password:   61grads (smll letters)

Then click "Sign In".

Once you're accepted, click "Photos" on the left side of the homepage.

Click whichever photo album you wish to view.

Once you're inside the album, click whichever photo you want to view.

To view full size, click "full size" towards the right side of the page.

If you want to download photos, make sure you use the "full size" feature.

To download photo, put your mouse anywhere inside the "full size" photo.  Right click.  Choose "save picture as".
Then decide to where (in your hard drive) you want to save the photo and give a title of your choice.  Then click "save".