Recent News - 2005 Toronto Reunion

Here are some, though not all,  ideas and responses from various classmates:

Martin (who initiated the whole idea):

Here are the parameters I am working within

1. Reunion to be worldwide.

2. This first worldwide reunion will take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

3. All graduates from WYK in 1961 are invited - Please forward this email
    to those who are not on the list. (Hin-Shing's additional idea: We also
    welcome other schoolmates such as York Chen etc.)

4. Time frame is in July or August (exact date to be determined, best time
    to suit all as much as possible).

5. Reunion activities - to be determined - for 2-3 days.

6. To enticing those coming from afar, there are other activities to consider:
   a. within Ontario - World famous Niagara Falls, quaint little town of
       Niagara-on-the-Lake, Winery tour, Niagara Casino
    b. 3-day tour to Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City - very French - Canadien,
       that is - the next best thing to being in France
   c. 5-day tour to Boston, New York, Atlantic City and Washington DC
       (while in DC, don't forget our tour guide (Jimmy) and our chef (John))
   d. 7-day tour to Eastern Canada - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia (Halifax),
       Prince Edward Island - a different view of Canada - a flip side of the
       hustle and bustle of the metropolis such as Toronto
   e. Jimmy Chow mentioned golf games and Blue Jays baseball game.

Best of all, if many are joining these tours, our togetherness will
extend beyond the 2-3 days of reunion activities.

There are now 14 from outside of Toronto who have expressed an interest in
joining the festivities in the summer of 2005.  If I can include the 11 in
Toronto, we have a good number to start with.  So I am going to proceed
with this endeavour.

I am hoping to ask the regional reps to make contact with those who may not
be aware of this event and to give a nudge to those who cannot make up their mind.
I am sure by the end of the day the number of participants will grow.

I have asked Stephen Lam, Michael Chan, Wong Hin-Shing and Peter Wong Kar
Kee to form a planning committee for this event.  They have graciously
agreed to take on this noble task.  We will meet in the next little while
to come up with an initial plan as to the date, venue, costs etc.... by
which time we will communicate with you again.


Perhaps we could alternate the meeting place.  If we gather in the Washington
area or Toronto in 2005, may be we can organize the next one in China, say,
HK or Shanghai in year 2006.

I'll help in coordinating with the folks in HK.

When materialized, it will be our own version of the WYK global conference held
in HK last month!

I'll be more than happy to follow up with the HK folks, with a view of
getting as many as possible excited about this once-in-a-lifetime event
among us high school friends 44 years after our Form 5 days.

Incidentally, I propose for your consideration that we sponsor financially at least one
Jesuit priest (e.g. Fr. Anthony Farren) to attend, in addition to the presence of other
teachers home based in Toronto.


I am keen to participate. I would prefer August than July.


Either July or August would be fine. I would like to see Montreal and Quebec-city
since I have never been there.

"Charco" (Gilbert):

My wife and I love travelling ...  So we hardly refuse any suggestion for travelling
but we haven't been to the East side of Canada and looking forward to this.

Anything I can do to help for this Reunion?  I am eager and glad to be part of it.


I have another commitment during the period Aug 11-14; otherwise I have no
definite plans for July/August 2005 at this time.

My party would be 1 or 2 people - my wife may or may not be able to come

I would need accommodations - maybe. If many of us stay together in one
place, that would be incentive for me to stay there too.

I am interested in the tours, assuming that time (and finances) allows.


My wife and I, barring unforeseen circumstances, will attend.

I'm interested in the 5-day tour to Boston, New York, Atlantic City and Washington DC
If that is not available, my wife and I will arrange to go on a casino tour to Atlantic City .

I look forward to seeing those of you who will be attending the reunion.  I
am sure I will not be able to recognize some of you after 40 some odd years.


With regard to the name list, can I suggest that we include our Chinese name (or even
nakenames).  That would help refresh some long forgotten names and faces.

Maybe each should supply his own Chinese names and nicknames,  particularly the
nicknames, as that might involve privacy issues.