The WYK 61Grads homepage is dedicated to all of my former teachers and fathers, but especially to:

Fr. Farren    (my Form 4C form-master, who was very kind and sympathetic)
Fr. Finneran    (my Form 5B form-master, who roused my interest in the English language)
Fr. Mallin    (my Form 3D form-master, who went out with us on our picnic trips and taught us flute lessons)
Fr. O'Neil    (my Form 2D form-master <2nd half year> who liked going on picnics with us)
Mr. Choy Shing-Pang    (my FAVORITE maths teacher)
Mr. Fung Kin-Fung (James)    (who roused my interest in maths & physics)
Mr. Ho Chun-Yuen (Anthony)    (whose dedication to our school & alumni sets an excellent example for me)
Mr. Hsueh Wei-Shiang  (Wilson)    (who helped me a great deal in my interest in classical music)
Mrs Ko-Lee Tuen-Yung    (who taught me English in Primary 6, and I benefited a great deal from her teaching)
Mr. Lee Hoi-Chow (Hilary)    (my Form 1D form-master, whom I still fondly remember)
Mr. Lau King-Chi    (who taught me a lot about life)
Mr. Liu Ki-Ming    (whose dedication and respect for Chinese tradition influenced me a lot)
Mrs Ma-Wong Kit-Kwan    (my Primary 6D form-mistress, who was my first form-mistress at WYK)
Mr. Tam Chi-Sing (Laurence)    (my maths teacher whose dedication and help to his students is unforgettable)