GREETINGS TO FATHER FARREN                                                                                   Updated Jan 09, 2005

If you're using Internet Explorer 6, you may have trouble viewing "Greetings to Father Farren - 1" (etc) .  These four files contain imbedded photos.  If that's the case, please try Netscape instead.  There's still the possibility that you may not be able to open the above files.  The only way is to view the "Greetings to Father Farren - text only" file which contains the messages from all classmates.
Cover Letter - Greetings to Father Farren
Greetings to Fr Farren 1 - H Aitken; R Auyang; YM Chan; P chang; B Chen Greetings to Father Farren - text only
Greetings to Fr Farren 2 - WB Fong; KS Fok; YS Kung; M Lee; C Lee
Greetings to Fr Farren 3 - C Leung; P Lo; A Miu; M Ng; HS Wong
Greetings to Fr Farren 4 - FL Yu; FY Yu; R Li; S Lam; A Man

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