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LogoGunze Sangyo offer both plastic and multimedia model kits. The plastic kits are like the typical plastic kit. And on the other hand the High-Tech multimedia kits are like no other motorcycle kits I've seen.

Website: http://www.mr-hobby.com

1/12 High Tech Kits
G-251 Honda CR110 (OOP)
G-252 Meguro 500 Z7 (OOP)
G-253 Honda CR110 Racer (OOP)
G-254 Meguro 500 Z6 (OOP)
G-255 Yamaha YD1 Asama (OOP)
G-611 BMW R69S (OOP)
G-612 Honda CB72 Super Hawk (OOP)
G-613 Yamaha YDS1 (OOP)
G-614 Kawasaki 650 W1S (OOP)
G-615 Honda CB92 (OOP)
G-616 Rikuo RT-II (white box, metal frame)  (OOP)
G-617 BSA DBD34 Gold Star (OOP)
G-618 Honda CB72 Clubman Racer (OOP)
G-619 Tohatsu Runpet CR50 (OOP)
G-620 BSA DBD34 Gold Star Clubman (OOP)
G-621 BMW R69S USA (OOP)
G-622 Rikuo Vintage (OOP)
G-623 Kawasaki Mach III Model H1  (OOP)
G-624 Indian Sport Scout 1941 (White box) (OOP)
G-625 Kawasaki 650 WIS-A (OOP)
G-626 Honda CB92 Clubman (OOP)
G-627 Kawasaki 500 Mach III (re-issue of G-623) (OOP)
G-628 Rikuo RT-II (OOP)
G-629 Indian Sport Scout (Blue box, plastic frame) (OOP)
G-630 Honda CR110 (re-issue of G-251) (OOP)
G-631 Kawasaki 650 W1S (re-issue of G-614) (OOP)
G-632 Tohatsu Runpet CR50 (re-issue of G-619) (Re-issued)
G-633 Meguro 500 Z7 (re-issue of G-252) (OOP)
G-634 Yamaha YDS1 Clubman (Re-issued)
G-635 BSA Gold Star (Re-issued)
1/8 Plastic Kits
FG-985 Honda 950SS (OOP)
Rebox of Heller kit #985

NOTE: I am not a retailer and the kits listed here are not for sale. If you're looking for a place to buy models, check out my mail order houses page.

Note: Honda CR110 (Click for kit details)The 1/12 High Tech model kits are are very different from the typical plastic model kit. In addition to the plastic parts, the kit includes die-cast metal engine and frame parts. Wire rod for the wheel spokes and control rods. Photo etched parts for chain rings, chains, name badges, exhaust clamps, and for other fine detail. All this results in a far a more realistic looking motorcycle.

These kit look rather intimidating and rightfully so. A lot of  fabrication is needed and you'll be working with materials you may not be familiar with. You need to assemble the wire wheels. Cut and bend wire into complex shapes for control rods. Bend photo etched pieces into complex shapes. Etc.

The only con that I can see is that some parts that are die-cast are out of scale and toy like because of the limitations of moulding in metal. Overall, they are incredible motorcycle models.

Having said that: These kit these are only recommended for experienced modellers.

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