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LogoCurrently I only have a few of Aoshima's kits. The first one I bought (Yamaha XJ400D)was a disappointment because of numerous sink marks and poor chrome. Some kits even include photo etched parts like name tags and engine tags.

Fortunately my first impression did not represent the quality of all of Aoshima's kits. The Honda Steed 600 and Yamaha V-Max for example are excellent kits and are as close to Tamiya quality as I've seen. Basically quality can vary from kit to kit with the newer kits naturally being better.

Aoshima's instructions are exclusively in Japanese. So you will have to rely on the diagrams, icons, paint numbers and your modelling experience.

Website: http://www.aoshima-bk.co.jp/index.htm

Kit# Description
1/12 Naked Bike Kits
10211 (NB-01) Kawasaki Zephyr
11089 (NB-02) Kawasaki Z-II
11133 (NB-03) Honda CBX400F
00908 (NB-04) Kawasaki Z400FX
17739 (NB-05) Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja Red/Black
17746 (NB-06) Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja Black
24263 (NB-07) Kawasaki Zephyr gamma
04180 (NB-08) Honda CB400 Super Four Red
04197 (NB-09) Honda CB400 Super Four Black
12536 (NB-10) Kawasaki Zephyr
15254 (NB-11) Suzuki GS400E
15261 (NB-12) Kawasaki 900 Super4 Z1
15322 (NB-13) Yamaha XJR400 Black
15339 (NB-14) Yamaha XJR400 Red
15803 (NB-15) Honda CB400N Hawk III
15834 (NB-16) Honda Steed 400
15841 (NB-17) Honda Steed 600
16084 (NB-18) Honda CB400 Super Four '94
16091 (NB-19) Kawasaki GPz400
18026 (NB-20) Yamaha XJR400 RII
16473 (NB-21) Yamaha XJR400R
16930 (NB-22) Honda CB400SF-R
17906 (NB-23) Honda Steed VSE
20319 (NB-24) Honda Dream 50
20906 (NB-25) Honda Dream 50 (R)
21361 (NB-26) Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja Green/White
22528 (NB-27) Kawasaki GPZ900R Red/Black/Silver
22504 (NB-28) Honda Steed VLS Springer
24935 (NB-29) Yamaha V-Max (Export)
24942 (NB-30) Yamaha V-Max 1200 (Domestic)
25338 (NB-??) Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja Yellow
25659 (NB-32) Yamaha V-Max 1986 Export Purple
26137 (NB-31) Yamaha V-Max 1986 Export Red
26908 (NB-20??) Kawasaki GPZ400F-II
27288 (NB-33) Kawasaki Zephyr Kai ZII Color
28469 (NB-34) Yamaha Majesty SG03J White
28476 (NB-35) Yamaha Majesty SG03J Silver
28483 (NB-??) Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja Clear Cowl
28490 (NB-??) Kawasaki GPZ400 Lime Green
28858 (NB-36) Majesty 2001 Model Red Version
28964 (NB-37) Kawasaki GPZ400F Lime Green
29176 (NB-38) Yamaha V-Max Kai Super Trap Version
29183 (NB-39) Yamaha V-Max Kai Active Version
29190 (NB-??) Majesty Wisegear Version
29206 (NB-??) Majesty Daytona Version

NOTE: I am not a retailer and the kits listed here are not for sale. If you're looking for a place to buy models, check out my mail order houses page.

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