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Aoshima 1/12 Yamaha V-Max '90 - Pictures

These pictures were taken with my brother-in-law's Nikon CoolPix950 digital camera. 

Right side of engine A close up of the right side of the engine. In this picture you can see the wrinkles that I've added to the seat.
Left side of engine A close up of the left side of the engine.
Front The front
Rear The rear
Top The top. You can see the glare off the instrument panel 'glass'. This is simply a thin sheet of plastic laid over the decal. The mark in the paint on the top of the fairing is actually a reflection of the dining room light, not a fingerprint.
Right side The right side
Left side The left side
Right rear The right rear
Left rear The left rear
Right front The right front
Left front The left front
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