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What's New: Update Log

Date Action Page Comment
07Oct02 add Abenteuer auf dem Spanish River Eine Gruppe von Deutschen fährt auf diesen Fluß
28Dec01 change Bridge at McCrae Lake Document inability of MNR to control access by ATVs
30Nov01 change PaddlingStakeholders Pages Discussion Forum discontinued due to technical problems
23Nov01 change Bridge at McCrae Lake Add complaint to DFO re unlawful blasting
05Nov01 add LaVase Portage Describe the portages
15Oct01 change Routes Page Correct Doreen Dixon's, add Ottertooth link
16Sep01 add/change ATVs and Portages
SH Experiences
Kawartha Draft
Document the draft for the Kawarthas park and the WCA's reply. Update relate pages
26Jul01 change Spanish River SideTrip Add "state of affairs" to bottom of page
16Jul01 change Outdoor Rules Add info on feminine hygene
14Feb01 change Outfitter Page Add Paddling Ontario link
28Jan01 change German Kanu Page, Outfitter Page Update links
23Jan01 update Patagonian Canoe Add pointer to new book and picture of portage
08Jan01 change German Kanu Page Update links
06Dec00 add ATVs and Portages document the damage that ATVs do in canoeing country
04Dec00 update Creeks to the Spanish River tell the truth about the "Shatter Cones"
27Nov00 add McCrae Lake issues
MNR's announcement
WCA's Comments
a sample of how stakeholding works
27Nov00 change Bridge at McCrae Lake Update with latest info
07Nov00 change Spanish River History Add credit to INCO for allowing the "reprint"
21Oct00 add Copyright Information copyright implications for Maps on CD-ROM of Ontario, which are published by QuoVadis
20Oct00 add Spanish River History Article about early fur trade, exploration and logging
08Sep00 replace with stub Missinaibi Trip removed 06Nov00
19June00 add Topo Maps on CD-ROM add write-up on usefulness of the newly available maps for Ontario
31May00 add Spanish River Song add song about the Spanish River lumbermen, with old photos
03May00 change Canoe Poling Indicate that no more poles are being made, and remove Ric's mailing address
10Apr00 add Bridge at McCrae Lake A webpage that alerts to the impending construction of a bridge - the end of a wilderness spot dear to thousands of canoeists in Southern Ontario
03Mar00 change Outdoor Rules (in German) Add a dollar coin with a canoe and delete obsolete link
25Feb00 add PaddlingStakeholders Pages and Forum Resource pages on how to get active on preserving Ontario's Paddling Areas
23Feb00 change Erhard's Trips
German Trips
German Sign-Up
Change from scheduled trips to custom trips for 2000
09Feb00 add Caroline
Real Men
Gyproc Box
add three of Dave Hadfield's new songs
30Jan00 change Canoe Poling take down the "For Sale Sign" - Rick got his hands free again!
02Jan00 change Obabika Loop Add anecdote of encounter with local natives
02Jan00 delete Discussion Page
German Kanu Page
remove discussion forum(in German) and remove link
28Dec99 add Credit River Dam
Bronte Creek
Hosaic Creek
Wording of Ontario Supreme Court Ruling of a portage on the Credit River
27Dec99 change My favorite Paddling Areas Add image of Bill Mason's postage stamp
14Dec99 change My favorite Paddling Areas Add link to Jim Hegyi's pages
09Dec99 add Topos for the Spanish,
Main Canoe Page
A composite map that expands into topos at 1:250,000
08Dec99 add The Right to the Portage Wording of Ontario Supreme Court Ruling of a portage on the Credit River
05Dec99 change Main Canoe Page ,
German Equipment Page
Add link to Online Canadian Topo Maps
03Dec99 new Domtar's latest Logging Plan for the Spanish River area Point out the devestating impact it will have on portages and canoe routes
29Nov99 update Patagonia Home,
Sin Ver el Sol,
Patagonia Music
Add sound link to Julio Barbosa's cassette
09Nov99 update Patagonia: Tierra del Fuego Add view from air of Rio Grande
07Nov99 change German Kanu Page, Obabika Loop, Main Canoe Page Update links
15Oct99 change Canoe Poling the pole manufacturing business is for sale
9Oct99 change Trips page,
German Trips Page
Close the trips for 1999
9Oct99 change German Kanu Page, Outfitter Page Add a west coast Indian link
30Sep99 update Patagonia: Torres del Paine Add name of lake where I camped
23Sep99 update Creeks to the Spanish River add more photos (from Doug Miller)
21Sep99 update Spanish Logging Plan indicate that it's obsolete and there's a new plan out for review
18Sep99 update Creeks to the Spanish River add photos, including pictures of shatter cones
21Aug99 add Nastawgans copied an article that describes how the natives maintained the portages
04Aug99 update Main Canoe Page deleted image that's part of the webring
27Jul99 change Mattagami Page clean up links
13Jul99 change German Kanu Page move loon sound to yip.org to make space
28Jun99 change Spanish River SideTrip move Mogo's Topo map to yip.org to make space
27Jun99 add Creeks to the Spanish River describe the Mogo, Bannerman Creek and the Agnes River
16Jun99 update German Pages add pointer to discussion page
11Jun99 update Spanish Logging Plan,
Site map,
Current Proposal (OLL)
document inadequate protection for left shore of river. Clean up cross-linking of web pages
02Jun99 add Discussion Page
German Kanu Page
add a discussion page (for German-speaking folks) and link to it
08May99 update German Equipment Page put in a plug for Packlite Foods - they deserve it
04May99 add Canoe Poling add page describing Rick Syniec's collapsible poles
04May99 update Kanu Links added link to Canoe Poling Canoe Page
30Apr99 update Kanu Links added link to Judy's Birch Bark Canoe Page
25Apr99 update Patagonia Books Added pointer to "Uttermost Part of the World"
21Apr99 update Patagonian Canoe Add pointer to book excerpts
21Apr99 add More info on the Patagonian Canoe Excerpts from "Uttermost Part of the Earth"
19Apr99 update Threat to Spanish, mark page as obsolete, point to OLL plan
02Apr99 add Spanish River Impact new assessment of OLL plan of March
02Apr99 update Main Canoe Page Update "Ontario's Living Legacy" (formerly Lands for Life) links
30Mar99 update Erhard's Trips, German trips,
Home Page
Update trip schedule, indicate out of town April 3 to 19
26Mar99 update German Equipment Page Add map suppliers
9Mar99 update About myself Reflect my current role in the WCA
25Feb99 update Patagonia Bike Advice Added an internet source for Patagonia maps
18Feb99 update Books added pointer to Algonquin Park guide, in German
31Dec98 update Main Canoe Page,Logging Plan, My favorite Paddling Areas Minor updates
31Dec98 update Trip Schedule in English Reflect 1999 Trips
29Dec98 update Erhard's Trips, Trip Details Added 1999 Trip Schedule
22Dec98 created Logging Plan EB Eddy's logging plan for the Spanish
22Dec98 update Main Canoe Page,Threat to Spanish added link to EB Eddy's logging plan for the Spanish
15Dec98 update Main Canoe Page added link to the proposal for fair land allocation
09Dec98 update Patagonian Canoe Added information and link to native pages of Victoria Cruises
02Dec98 update Main Canoe Page Added pointer to scientists' criticism of LfL
25Nov98 update Patagonia Books Added Lake Sagaris' book on Chile
13Nov98 update Patagonia Home Page etc Chain pages together, add contact info: Casa Cecilia
09Nov98 add Threat to Spanish,
Sample letters
added Spanish River under threat  pages
09Nov98 update Main Canoe Page added link to Spanish River under threat  page
23Oct98 update Ontario Map
Main Canoe Page
Spanish Side Trip
minor changes (correct/add links)
22Oct98 update Patagonia Bike Advice Minor corrections (tire size, pannier size)
04Oct98 update Main Canoe Page minor corrections
01Oct98 update Loon sounds added
01Oct98 update Kanu Links added loon sounds
30Sep98 update Patagonia Bike Advice Added paragraph on hospitality
30Sep98 update Songs
Riley's Bait
Jack Pine
Big Jim Bushey
put in pointers to audio files
30Sep98 add see above, on yip.org audio files for Northern Breeze
29Sep98 Update all 3 main pages minor mods (contents tag)
28Sep98 Add sitemap.htm add Site Map
28Sep98 Add what's.htm add Update History

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