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Erhard's Canoeing Pages. There is also a set of pages in German.

 Some of the best canoeing is found in the Canadian Shield. Names such as Spanish River, Temagami and Biscotasing evoke the image of Grey Owl, the conservationist that gave us such wonderful descriptions of this country. SpSide1.jpg (49607 bytes)

Ever thought of following his trails? Interested in joining on a trip?  I lead canoe trips for the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, an organization of people who care about the northern wilderness and work to keep nature intact. I also organize my own trips and would like to see folks who do not speak Englishspan_poling.jpg (125599 bytes)  experience the beauty of the North as well. That's why I established the pages for German-speaking readers.

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Guided trips with Erhard:

I do arrange and lead custom trips. Click here!

Click here for an overview of my Favorite Paddling Areas (with map) Click here for more information on Canadian Canoe Routes (Richard Munn's website)

Do you care about the lands where you paddle?
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For the curious only:
 Topo Maps, On CD-ROM! Finally available for Ontario, they are really useful!
Nastawgan: Ojibwe Travel Trails
History of the Spanish River Areanew.gif (941 bytes)
Songs by Dave Hadfield (read on: some of his verses give me goose bumps...)
Click here for details on how Patagonian Indians built their canoes
Ontario Court Rulings on Navigability of Rivers and the Right to Portage
Topo Maps, on the Web (good enough for trip dreaming...)
Precise Description of the LaVase portages, with map and GPS datanew.gif (941 bytes)


 The Disaster at McCrae Lake
(and example on how things go wrong when no one in the paddling community watches out for the well-being of the canoe routes)

How easy are you on the environment?   Check yourself against the current ethics for wilderness travel.  Print off a copy and give it to the folks that join your trip) Click here.
 Lands for Life, a government process, to determine how much land will be left for wilderness tripping in Ontario. In March 1999, a new proposal was presented that is now in implementation:

Click below:

The proposal: "Ontario's Living Legacy"
"Partnership for Public Lands", an environmental group that has more info
What this means for the Spanish river
How the logging company adjusted the plan

Direct Links to my Trip Write-Ups (click on any route below)

The Spanish River Spanish River Side Trip Spanish River West Branch
Creeks to the Spanish River Obabika Loop (Temagami) French River
  Mattagami Topographic maps for the Spanish




The advice provided in Erhard's Kanu Links has been compiled based upon 30 years experience canoeing in  Ontario. Every effort has been made to ensure that the advice in this web site is correct. Even so, I do not accept any responsibility for errors or misrepresentations contained herein.

WARNING! This advice is intended for use by those with some prior experience in camping, canoe-tripping and backpacking. I do not assume responsibility for the safety of individuals, nor do I accept liability for any loss or damages that might arise in the course of following the advice presented in this web site.

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