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My Favorite Paddling Areas

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The Spanish River (about 6 hours north of Toronto)

The Spanish River (click here for topo maps)
This river that gives you a chance to grow as you paddle. If you take the east branch, you start on a series of lakes that are connected by  this trickle of water, advance on the lively current of the mid section, and end the trip on quite a respectable body of water. It starts in boreal coniferous forest and terminates in the mixed woods of the Great Lakes country. I have attached a description of a typical trip. Click here if you would like to join on a trip of the Spanish.

A Side Trip that Explores the Country beyond the Spanish
ThisSPside_kennedy1_small.jpg (2461 bytes) section was once a well used trail into the back country, but has been forgotten over the years. There's pretty good canoe country on both sides of the river; the side trip allows you to leave the Spanish and parallel it for while on clear lakes and  rough portages that will reveal their secrets if you care to look. Click on the heading above for a route description, or click here for a trip log written by my paddling buddy Ed Fiander as we re-opened this forgotten route in 1997.

Spanish River West Branch (click here for topo maps)
This trip starts in Biscotasing (at some time the home of Grey Owl) and follows the outflow from the lake to the south-east towards the Forks of the Spanish River. It's less travelled,041i_00.gif (4473 bytes) with fewer and smaller campsites than the east branch, and has the potential for an exciting white water trip if there is enough water. The water level of the river is controlled by Inco via the dam at Lake Biscotasi. You could call 1(705)682-5786 to get the current flow rate.

Creeks entering the Spanish River
Ever thought of paddling away from the main route? here are the Mogo, Bannerman Creek and Agnes River

Spanish River Ancient Pine Forest Park
The Spanish River area deserves protection: see what the proposal of a new park in the area will mean exactly,

Domtar's Logging Plan for the Spanish River area (with map)


Temagami (Canoeing country at its best, 5 hours north of Toronto)temag_mendelsson.jpg (86781 bytes)

Ottertooth: The comprehensive website on Temagami

Doreen Dixon's Web Page

Obabika Loop, via Obabika River (Erhard)
A loop starting at Obabika Lake, proceeding down the Obabika River and returning via Wawiagama Lake. Click here if you want to come along on such a guided trip.


More canoeing in the Canadian Shield:

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Mattagami (Erhard)
Missinaibi/Moose Rivers (Janis T. and Carolynn P.)
French River (Erhard)
Algonquin Park (Margaret's website)Bill MAson wcmstamp.gif (16549 bytes)
Killarney (Margaret's website)
Massassauga Provincial Park (Blair Caron's webpage)
Jim Hegyi's Pages, with trip stories that go beyond just paddling


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