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Klyde Broox
klyde broox

Klyde Broox, a.k.a.Durm-I, is an internationally seasoned dubpoet. He published his first poem in 1972 and by the 1980’s had established himself as one of Jamaica’s most promising poets, travelling to the U.K. and the United States to do readings, workshops and guest lectures. In 1989, Klyde launched a chapbook of poetry, “Poemstorm,”in Swansea, Wales. He was a James Michener Fellow at the University of Miami in 1993 and has earned himself a reputation as one of the significant contributors to the development of Jamaican poetry. He is currently a member of the Dub Poets Collective.

Klyde Broox migrated to Canada in 1993, and met the challenges of resettlement by focusing more and more on his poetry. Over the years, Klyde has developed into a superb performer blending speech, song, dance and mime into a powerful and passionate presentation that is inspirational, entertaining and thought provoking.

Since 1996, Klyde has established himself as an “influential literary entity ” in the City of Hamilton and was nominated in 2004 for a John C. Holland award for community service. He is also active in the Toronto community and coordinated the 2004, International Dub Poetry Festival.

A former teacher, with sixteen years Jamaican teaching experience, Klyde has begun to make appearances in public schools. He also hosts PoeMagic, a popular performance-based open-mic series, at Hamilton¹s Staircase Café, on the third Friday of each month. Klyde¹’s first major collection, My Best Friend Is White, will be published this fall by Mcgilligan Books of Toronto.

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