Chet Singh

chet singh

Born in Jamaica, Chet Singh moved with his family every few years, following his economist father’s job postings. He has lived in Guyana, Barbados, St. Kitts, St. Lucia and Fiji. Each time he moved, young Singh was struck by the common trend of disparities between rich and poor everywhere he lived. It was this experience that shaped the man, the poet and the teacher. He wants justice in the world and finds his true voice in activist poetry and music.

Chet has been performing dub poetry since the eighties. In performance, Singh chants passionately in the hypnotic rhythms characteristic of this Caribbean-based poetry.

Chet is a founding member of the Dub Poets Collective. As an educator, Singh has developed and taught courses in human rights in the workplace, dispute resolution, labour relations and employment law. He has worked at the University of Toronto, York University, Sheridan College and Sir Sanford Fleming College. He also has a long history as a human rights advisor to governments, hospitals and public school boards.

Chet is currently a business instructor at Centennial College. Backed by Peterborough-based reggae band, Dub Trinity, Singh, the college business instructor, continually morphs into Singh, the dub poet, chanting words that are stinging criticisms of Western society.


Chet Singh and Dub Trinity


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Critical Work on the Artist
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MP3 sample from "counterattack"
from the CD Chet Singh and Dub Trinity


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