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Afua Cooper

afua cooper

Afua Cooper is one of Canada's most versatile poets. She is an accomplished writer and esteemed dub poet of Afro-Caribbean origin and comes in the tradition of the shamaness, the warner, the “four-eyeš”woman chanting flaming words. This poet incorporates African riddims and the musical vibes of the Black Diaspora in her poetry, which has a strong sense of history and place underscored by a feminist sensibility.

Her poems have been included in numerous anthologies worldwide, and have also been recorded on cassettes and CD's. Cooper has read at universities, schools, libraries, churches, community centres and daycare centres, and performed at music and poetry festivals nationally and internationally. Her debut Worlds Of Fire [In Motion] CD, has widened her already extensive reach. In addition to her literary work, Afua teaches history at the University of Toronto. She is the co-author of We're Rooted Here and They Can't Pull Us Up: Essays in African Canadian Women's History University of Toronto Press, 1994), which won the prestigious Joseph Brant award for history. In addition, she edited Incantations and Utterances, (1999, Sister Vision Press) an anthology of 12 female poets, celebrating the legacy of dub and the power of the oral tradition.

In 2002, Afua Cooper also co-authored the groundbreaking publication: The Underground Railroad: Next Stop, Toronto! Cooperšs scholarly endeavours have made a vast contribution to gender studies in African North American history and historiography. She says her academic and artistic personas are intertwined, feeding off each other. She was the winner of Torontošs celebrated Harry Jerome Award for professional excellence, in 2004.

Afua lives in Toronto with her family and is a driving force within the Dub Poets Collective.

Printed Works:

Afua Cooper has published four books of poems including Memories Have Tongue, one of the finalists in the 1992 Casa De Las Americas literary award.

We're Rooted Here
They Can't Pull Us Up: Essays in African Canadian Women's History

Editor: Incantations and Utterances


Worlds Of Fire [In Motion]

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Critical Work on the Artist
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