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Hairspray Quiz


1. What school do Tracy and her friends attend?
Answer: Mervo High.

2. What title did Velma hold and for what year?
Answer: Miss Soft Crab 1945.

3. What's next door to Motormouth Maybelle's record shop?
Answer: The Christian Temple Church of the Resurrection.

4. Who is Penny's psychiatrist?
Answer: Dr. Frederickson (played by John Waters himself).

5. Who appears as himself singing "Nothing Takes the Place of You"?
Answer: Toussaint McCall.

6. What is the name of the black girl who auditions for Corny Collins?
Answer: Nadine Carver.

7. What business does Wilbur run?
Answer: The Hardy Har Joke Shop.

8. What are the call letters of Corny Collins' TV station? How about Motormouth Maybelle's radio station?
Answer: Corny Collins appears on WZZT; you can see it on the building and the TV cameras. Motormouth Maybelle's radio show is on WEDD; Corny Collins gives the call latters when he introduces Motormouth Maybelle.

9. Where do Franklin and Velma threaten to send Amber?
Answer: Catholic school.

10. What sports star and entertainer are mentioned specifically in "The Madison"?
Answer: Wilt Chamberlain and Jackie Gleason.

11. What device does Tammy use to determine the winner of the Pony contest?
Answer: The Applause-O-Meter.

12. What type of detention did Tracy serve for two weeks?
Answer: Hairdo detention.

13. What's at 3311 Eastern Avenue?
Answer: Hefty Hideaway.

14. What dance do the girls perform at the audition?
Answer: The Continental.

15. What folksinger does the Beatnik Chick idolize?
Answer: Odetta.

16. What pop singer sings the theme song to "Hairspray"?
Answer: Rachel Sweet. (She also sings Allison's role in Cry-Baby.)

17. How many sweaters does Penny own?
Answer: Gee, she never counted. I guess about five?

18. What dance does Tracy introduce at the amusement park?
Answer: The Waddle.

19. What interrupts said dance?
Answer: A race riot.

20. What magazine do Edna and Wilbur read?
Answer: Life.

21. Divine plays two roles in Hairspray: Edna Turnblad and who?
Answer: Arvin Hodgepile, the station manager.

22. What are Penny's parents' first names?
Answer: Prudence ("Prudie") and Paddy.

23. When is Negro Day on Corny Collins?
Answer: The last Thursday of the month.

24. What's in class 10D, room 108?
Answer: Special Education.

25. Tracy and Penny sneak out to the Corny Collins Record Hop. Where is it held?
Answer: The Parkville VFW.

26. What's Tracy's boyfriend's full name?
Answer: Link Larkin.

27. What organization do Edna and Wilbur join?
Answer: The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).

28. What songs does Edna unknowingly quote?
Answer: Edna tells Wilbur, "It's the times. They're a-changin'. Something's blowing in the wind." The Times, They Are A-Changin' and Blowin' in the Wind are two of Bob Dylan's earliest hits.

29. Where is the Auto Show held?
Answer: The New Armoury.

30. Ric Ocasek, who plays the Beatnik Cat, led a very successful pop group in the 1980s. Name it.
Answer: Ric Ocasek led The Cars. Their hits include My Best Friend's Girl, Let's Go, It's Magic, Shake It Up, and Drive.


0-5 correct answers: Stuck-up Little Spastic. You are nothing but a little priss with a bad attitude. Not only that, but you don't dance nearly as well as you think you do. You will never be Miss Auto Show.

6-15 correct answers: Really Uncool. Why don't you drop in on your friendly neighbourhood beatnik and have her show you how to iron your hair? If you're a checkerboard chick, there's hope for you.

16-20 correct answers: Hair-Hopper. Although your ratted hair may deprive your fellow students of an eduation, you are well-liked by your peers, especially with that triple process.

21-25 correct answers: Beatnik. Wow! You're well on your way to becoming ultra cool. You're a little ahead of your time, but so what? Grab your paintbrush, your Odetta records, and a reefer—and get busy.

26-30 correct answers: Miss Auto Show. Congratulations! You have attained the pinnacle of teen popularity and success. You have the highest hair. You know all the dances. Mr. Pinky himself will design your coronation gown!

Gimme those questions again!


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