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Female Trouble Quiz



1. What is Earl Peterson watching on TV when Taffy comes over?

2. Which of Ida's hands does Dawn chop off?

3. Gator is a hairdresser at the Lipstick Beauty Salon. Name the other three hairdressers.

4. What snack does Dawn request prior to getting her hair done?

5. True or false: Baltimore was once the capital of the United States?

6. How does Donna Dasher take her liquid eyeliner?

7. Whom does Aunt Ida bring home to meet Gator?

8. What is the prosecutor's name at Dawn's trial?

9. What is the direct connection between Female Trouble and Charles Manson?

10. What props does Dawn use in her nightclub act?

11. What is the name of the crime/beauty experiment (as coined by Donna Dasher)?

12. What is the name of the hotel where Dawn gives birth to Taffy?

13. What, according to Dawn, is there no need to learn about?

14. How much does Concetta think they can get for the stolen TV set?

15. What's the name of the strip club where Dawn dances?

16. Ernestine also had a cameo role in Pink Flamingos. What was it?

17. How much money does Taffy demand from Gator?

18. To whom does Dawn pray before she goes on with her nightclub act?

19. What make of car does Earl Peterson drive?

20. What items does Gator use to make love to Dawn?

21. Fill in the blank: "Acid does what _____ cannot."

22. What is the name of the Dawn's high school teacher?

23. In what year does the film open?

24. What was the original title of Female Trouble going to be?

25. For whom does Dawn sign an autograph shortly before her execution?

26. What colour slippers is Dawn wearing when she runs away from home?

27. What does Dawn request for her last meal?

28. Where does the prison guard threaten to send Ernestine?

29. Krishna is two things: what?

30. How does Donald Dasher take his spaghetti?



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