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You know those wonderful wall-to-wall music soundtracks in Martin Scorsese's movies? The ones where a great rock and roll hit follows a great rhythm and blues hit, which follows a great doo-wop hit, and so on?

Well, John Waters had that gig sewn up years before Scorsese made Mean Streets. Check out Mondo Trasho and see for yourself.

Discussions of John Waters' movies often overlook music, but John Waters' encyclopedic knowledge of classic rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and rockabilly has been a crucial element of almost all his movies.

Applying an early version of sampling, John Waters edited snippets of songs together to move his semi-sound movie narratives along and fill in the gaps where dialogue would have been.

In the classic period and Waters' recent movies, music underlines the action on screen or comments ironically on characters. And Hairspray and Cry-Baby use so much music so well, they're musicals in all but name.

The Dreamland News site details Joe Blevins' daunting task of compiling all the music from John Waters' movies. For our part, the Two Jealous Perverts are pleased to contribute theme songs to selected John Waters movies.


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