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Magic Moments

    Every John Waters movie is filled with shocking, bizarre, and always funny set pieces that resonate in the memory. Here are the Two Jealous Perverts' Top Twenty Moments in the John Waters canon.

20. A middle-aged couple enjoy a greasy chicken dinner scene (with unforgettable super-closeups) in Serial Mom.

19. Divine and Tab Hunter enjoy a bucolic picnic in Polyester.

18. Mink uses a rosary to make love to Divine in Multiple Maniacs.

17. Divine loses her temper in front of company in Female Trouble.

16. Kathleen Turner and Sam Waterston enjoy marital relations in Serial Mom.

15. Mink Stole and David Lochary enjoy marital relations in Pink Flamingos.

14. Susan Lowe reverses her impulsive sex change in Desperate Living.

13. Willem Dafoe leads a bedtime prayer in Cry-Baby.

12. In a complete non-sequitur, a giant lobster ravishes Divine in Multiple Maniacs.

11. Deborah Harry forces Colleen Fitzpatrick to dance "Faster!" in Hairspray.

10. Channing Wilroy impersonates his employer ("It was just play") in Pink Flamingos.

9. Cookie Mueller cops major attitude in history class in Female Trouble.

8. Francine Fishpaw pukes in her purse in Polyester.

7. A transsexual flashes David Lochary in Pink Flamingos.

6. Edith Massey has an episode of hysteria on the floor in Female Trouble.

5. Divine "slimes" the Marbles' home in Pink Flamingos.

4. Divine endures a Christmas morning disappointment in Female Trouble.

3. Divine is shocked by an encounter with a hot-dog-fondling hippie in Pink Flamingos.

The runner-up John Waters movie moment:

2. Divine enjoys a snack at the end of Pink Flamingos. John Waters makes cinema history.

...and the number one John Waters movie moment:

1. Divine takes "go fuck yourself" literally, in the dual-role Dawn Davenport/Earl Peterson "love" scene in Female Trouble.


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