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Tamiya 1/12 BMW K100 '83 - Overview

Kit Contents (#14036)
A:Black:22, B:White:12, C:Grey:35, D:Grey:23, E:Chrome:11, F:Clear:6
5 screws, rear shock spring, black thick & thin vinyl tubing, two rubber like tires

Total of 109 parts

Colour Schemes
Metallic Red and Metallic Silver
Lacquer: TS-17
Gloss Acrylic: X-1, 2, 18
Flat Acrylic: XF-1

Model Master Paints

Chrome Silver (CR)

Buffing Metalizer: Aluminum Plate (BAP)
Exhaust (BEX)
Magnesium (BM)
Titanium (BT)

Non-Buffing Metalizer: Aluminum (NBA)
Brass (NBB)
Magnesium (NBM)

Release History
1984/10/?? - ????
1998/10 /??- 1200

The 'K' series concept was a departure from BMW's horizontally opposed twin cylinder concept and work on the new bike began in 1979. The K100 was not revealed until 1983 and was offered in three styles: K100, K100RS with half cowl and K100RT with larger cowling. The 1983 K100 was offered in metallic silver or metallic red.

Completed: January 26, 2000















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