Butch pix

REMEMBER, the most powerful flirting tool is the eyes!

    That glance has the potential to make your day, your week, your life, for just a moment in time.

GIVE the people what they want, but only enough to make them want more.

    It's best to not give away too much, then you leave more to discover....later.

TAKE risks, and/or be approachable.

    Let go of you ordinary workaday mind and prepare yourself for the unexpected....or someone unexpected!

MAKE use of the tools at hand.

    What do answering machines, pomegranates and movie line-ups have in common?

HOLD on to your marbles

    She stepped on my toes so easily, so naturally...

LISTEN with your body and use your head.

    You say it best when you say nothing at all.

LEAVE them as good as you found them.

    more to give...a little respect.

One cannot seduce others if one has not themselves been seduced.
Jean Baudrillard