Its not just about chocolate and flowers. Anything indigenous to your life can be used as a flirting tool. Everything from clothing, lipstick, food, mittens, your body, parking meters but also situations like grocery shopping and political flirting projects can find new and meaningful purposes....
Tools are just the instruments we use to build our relationships. It's not the size or shape of tool you have, it's what you do with it that counts!
"I just wanted to let people know that there are flirting techniques with fans. I use my fans for simple things, like to look around....and slowly have a look at the ladies. If someone seems interested, you can give signals with it--that's very good!--that's a very classic way of doing it. Or, you can flutter with it... If someone doesn't appeal to you at all, but she looks at you constantly or she blabbers at you, you just do this.....(Flutters behind shoulder.)
It's wonderful for looking, to show, but also to ignore with!
And, it's wonderful to be able to say, "Oh dear, are you hot?" and then you have one of these here... So the fan is like a social situation. It's a social interaction, I can make wind for you. And then you have a little hand contact! Those are the little things, but I'm not telling more secrets here!"
Fraulein Kaiserin
"Well, one time I was out of town; I was in Denver, Colorado. It was four in the morning and I was coming from this bar with some friends. We were driving on this strip and we had to keep stopping at the stoplights and there's this woman who came up in this Volkswagen beetle, or something, and so we kept seeing each other every time we stopped at the lights. There was no one else around; the whole city's really quiet. We'd stopped at the lights and so we start talking to each other. We had this conversation that was mostly smiles at the beginning and then she asked me: "Are you in town for a while?" And I said "No, actually, I have to leave tomorrow morning." The light changed so she had a little time to think about it to the next stop, and then she rolled down the window and said: "Well, it's really nice, but I can't do anything tonight so I gotta go." But we'd had this conversation that was really funny and very exhilarating."
What are your favorite flirting tools?

How do your tools communicate who you are? (ie. your community, your personality)
What are your favorite environments for flirting? (supermarket, karate class, hairdresser etc.)

Have convenient coincidences or accidents led to great flirtations?
What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you?
What was it? How did they do it?
What lengths have you gone in order to impress a woman?

In addition to sending information, flirting is way of gathering information.
Heather Trexler