Overdo something, underdo something... go up and touch you own fear on the nose and see if you can get away with it! Let her know she is beautiful and valuable, let her know you are beautiful and valuable and try not to be afraid of a yes or a no!
Remember, all the greatest flirtations in life avoid getting hung up on an outcome. Flirtation thrives in uncertainty, the higher the stakes the better.... It is better to reject or be rejected than never to have ventured out at all.
Nusrat propositioned all of us to a group orgy. She did! You weren't there, but she made a proposition for a group orgy and I thought, "Nusrat, You can't ask one, but you can ask ten?
I gave you some tips today, didn't I?
You told me "pinch her breasts"!
No, I didn't.
Yes, you did. And I said "no way"!
No I didn't. No I didn't. You wanted to know if somebody felt pain in a pierced nipple, and I said "Go ask her." That's what I said!
You know, I'm old, and I don't wait that long anymore. I like to play, and so I don't have a hard time being suggestive or playing with people. Now it's a whole different thing to think about actually propositioning somebody, asking them out.
What was (is) your biggest flirting fear? How did you get over it?

What was your most risky flirt? your easiest? your funniest?
Have you ever flirted with someone you didn't expect to be attracted to?

What did this set in motion for you?
Do you prefer to approach or be approached?

What flirting advise would you give to someone just coming out?

She caught me looking, so I winked and gambled it all.
Melanie Hope