Eyes that look between the lines can acknowledge someone--their beauty, their person and your common desire--at the simplest and most human level. Its not what you do, it's how you pay attention to what you are doing that will get you what you are looking for.

For some women in the world, flirting is the only avenue lighting their lesbian fire ...
"Love cannot be categorized. It is an act of faith to open yourself totally. And in this openness many things come out, and many come in. Sometimes we, as lesbians, don't allow this because as lesbians we live with so much repression and castration. We cannot express ourselves with freedom. Only we, the ones who have ad opportunities to do this, or the influence of the media, or friends who support us, or groups, are understood. This is a priviledge, as in my case. Many don't have it, or can't take it because its difficult. But, I believe that love is tough."
How much does flirting have to do with having sex?

How much with connecting with friends?

How do lesbians recognize each other in your locale?

Do you have any coded phrases of speech or mannerisms that signal your queerness?
Who do you flirt with?
Who don't you flirt with? Why?
What larger forces at play in your society affect your flirting process?

Natalie Barney,
famous for picking up women at the beach well into her eighties, said:
Anyone can touch, but it is the optic nerve that sears the soul.