April 23, 2002

Dear Fr. Farren,

Enclosed please find the greeting card package.

The Class of 61 enjoyed so much of your presence at the Diamond Jubilee dinner in 1999 that they were
extremely disappointed that you would not be coming to Toronto this June for the Wah Yan Conference.
They were also touched by your message to the Class of 62 at their reunion in Hong Kong that you enjoyed
having them in Wah Yan.  Your message appears in the April edition of the Wah Yan Kowloon Alumni
Association newsletter.

Wong Hin Shing came up with the idea to ask his classmates to send their greetings to you.  The response
came from Hong Kong and various parts of the world in the form of email messages to him and I had the
pleasure of printing them out.  The on-line version exists in: http://www.interlog.com/~whs/

At the dinner to welcome Philip Yu from Seattle, whom many of them have not met in 40 years, all present
signed a card to wish you well.  So that you know who were present, a signature sheet was included to show
who was who.

The Wah Yan graduates are wonderful people coming out from a Jesuit Institution.  Laurence Tam and
Wilson Hsueh who just returned from the '62 reunion in Hong Kong were at the dinner.  They shared their
experience of how respectfully they were received by the boys they taught 40 years ago.

Please remember us in your prayers.

Yours sincerely,

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