Construction halted approx. 1999 ;)

My (somewhat ecclectic) contributions to the internet community:

  1. My Palm Pilot Pages, including Do-It-Yourself instructions
  2. The ECM Client/Server utility -- Find LARGE factors of even larger composite numbers
  3. Information related to the RSA data security challenge! (I am former head coder for Distributed.Net)
  4. Plans for the Universal Descrambler, first published in Radio-Electronics May 1990.
  5. WGET for Windows -- command line copying of remote http/ftp sites to your local hard drive (updated to v1.5!).
  6. BLAT for Windows -- command line mailing of ascii/binary files
  7. GETMAIL for Windows -- command line downloading of your mailbox, with automatic MIME binary file extraction.
  8. GREP for Windows -- This one includes the ability to search through subdirectories using wildcards!
  9. RAIN screensaver for Windows -- Also allows you do do screen captures with a mouse-click!

Clock requires Netscape