GREP for Windows

A very flexible grep for windows

GREP is a well known tool in the unix environment. There are several ports available that I came across for Windows. However, NONE of them allowed me to search through subdirectories (this functionality is easy on unix using the shell's file manipulation tools). I modified GNU grep 2.0 to allow searching of subdirectories.

To search subdirectories, do something like this:

grep -S "searchtext" *.txt
grep -S "searchtext" \personal\files\*.txt
grep -S searchtext C:\*.*

The most recent version I compiled is GREP20d_WIN.ZIP. It was released on January 26, 2001.

Revisions (Jan 26, 2001)

Versions before 2.0d did not work well with redirection, such as:
dir *.* /sub | grep -i DLL | more
This will nearly always cause a crash with versions of grep/windows before 2.0d. In these cases, use explicit rediretion, or upgrade to version 2.0d. The explicit redirection syntax is:
dir *.* /sub | grep -i DLL - | more

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