Rain Screensaver for Windows 95/98/NT

I created the Rain screensaver as a tool to learn about windows screen interaction in the Windows environment. It ended up being pretty neat in its own right, so I decided to release it.

Base Image Rain Snow Leeching Whites Leeching Blacks TV Snow Acid Rain Fade to Black


Rain Config

There are 7 different behaviours (which I'll call precipitation types). Rain, Snow, Acid Rain, Leeching whites, Leeching Blacks, TV Snow, and fade-to-black. There's also an option to randomly choose one of these.

The Intensity field determines how fast the rain falls (also known as how fast updates occur to the screen). Valid values are 1-1000. 50 is a good value to start with. 1000 is good to get a quick look at the preview without waiting for minutes at a time.

The entire thing can start over frequently if desired.

Screen Capture!

As an added bonus, if you click the right mouse button while the screen saver is active, a copy of the current screen will be copied to the clipboard. You can then load up MS Paint (included with the operating system), and paste the image into Paint.

If you drag a copy of rain.scr to your desktop, you can just click it to activate the screen saver. Then do a quick right-mouse button. This is a great way to do quick & dirty screen captures.


The most recent compile is at Rain.zip. It was created on November 27, 1998.

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