Universal descrambler plans

from May 1990 Radio Electronics article

The May 1990 article about how to build your own universal cable-tv descrambler box it still discussed today. Beyond just being a 'how-to' article, it described the theory of television scrambling techniques.

The article is available here. You will need a HP Laserjet printer to view it. Extract the embedded file and copy it to your printer ("COPY /B UNIVERSL.PRN LPT1:"). If you don't have an HP printer, but have access to a Windows 95 machine with fax support installed, then try this file. It is a microsoft fax '.AWD' file (in zipped format). Double clicking on it should start up the fax viewer, and you'll be able to print it. Please don't ask me for another format. I don't have any other formats available.

Another individual has created 'JPG' images of the entire article. These are available at http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/7055/cable.htm#cable1 .

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