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Tamiya 1/12 Suzuki RGV500gamma (XR89) - Overview

Kit Contents (#14081)
A:Grey:61, B:Black:27, C:Satin Chrome:21, D:White:13, E:Clear:1

26 screws & screwdriver, 2 nuts, rear shock spring, black thin vinyl tubing, two rubber like tires, screen for lower cowling.

Total of 164 pieces

Colour Schemes
    #9 - Nobuatsu Aoki
    #10 - Kenny Roberts Jr.
    #16 - Yukio Kagayama
Lacquer: TS-10, 14, 26
Gloss Acrylic: X-4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 21, 24, 27
Flat Acrylic: XF-2, 16, 53, 56
Gloss Enamels: X-31, 32, 34
Flat Enamels: X-28
Release History
2000/07/18 - 2200
Suzuki & Kenny Roberts Jr. gave Honda and Yamaha a run for their money in 1999 with the RGV500gamma XR89. Roberts finished second in the '99 FIM GP500 championship.

Tamiya's XR89 is a welcomed addition to their NSR500 and YZR500  FIM GP500 offerings.









First Impressions

Here is Charles Nyhof's first impressions of  Tamiya's latest FIM GP500 kit.

It looks to be very accurate, the same quality and detail as the NSR or YZR. The extra 10% (2200 Yen list) could be debated by someone like myself, who is not known for his generosity ;) No surprises from Tamiya.

The variations are:

  • N. Aoki (#9, plus seat and gas tank option with decal options)
  • Roberts (#10 with seat variation and early/late season nameplate option) and
  • Kagayami (#16 same seat as Aoki, same gas tank as Roberts).

I am overstating the minuses, but here are some specifics:

- X-13 metallic blue for chain links, looks to be
between Testor's French blue and Tamiya X-4, IMO
+/- rear brake caliper moulded onto swing arm (more difficult to paint, shouldn't be out of place)
+ screw through top of rear damper through frame and hold in place with a nut, a vast improvement?
? rear shock coil is X-4 blue, OK, should be X-2
for #16 and I have seen it in X-8 and XF-53
- lower cowl TS10 French blue? If that's the same as Testors then I disagree, should be lighter, IMO
- lower cowl XF1 flat black, should be carbon
kevlar, IMO
+/- lower cowl includes mesh screen like RC-30, but not in scale
+/- includes ALL electronic boxes/modules on both
frame sides, but, excepting ignition coils, are not wired for sound
+ more attention paid to detail on under surface of frame (frame connecting part B11 bottom has electronic module)
- reservoir bottles are now painted XF2 flat white (previously gloss), should be semi-gloss or satin IMO
+ pieces A24 and A25 hide screw heads in the rear wheel and steering head, respectively. You should be happy the Tamiya engineers peeked at your site, Ken!
+ seat/fender cowl decals appear to have carbon
pattern, the expansion chambers too
- only thin black vinyl hoses provided, should be
clear for gas and brake lines

Thanks Charles. I'm looking forward to getting my kit.

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