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Tamiya 1/12 Honda CBR1100XX 'With Me Color' - Overview

Kit Contents (#14079)
A:Metallic Green:8, B:Black:32, C:Grey:29, D:Chrome:11, E:Clear:7

11 screws & screwdriver, rear shock spring, black thick & thin vinyl tubing, two rubber like tires, screen for front cowling openings

Total of 106 pieces

Colour Schemes
Lacquer: Limited Pearl Blue (ITEM89842), TS-26
Gloss Acrylic:
X-1, 2, 7, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 26, 27, 31, 32
Flat Acrylic: XF-1, 2, 16, 24, 63

Body Colour A
X-14:10 + X-16:1 + X-31:3

Body Colour B
Pearl Blue

Release History
19??/??/?? - ????
Beware: You may be disappointed with this kit!

If you just want the cool decals on the street bike I guess you'll be happy and don't need to read any further. But if you want to build an accurate replica of the With Me Endurance racer, then you'll be disappointed like I am. Read on...

I'm saddened to have to say this kit represents my first real disappointment with a Tamiya product. I'm a big cheerleader for Tamiya static kits, but they really dropped the ball on this one.

You can not build the With Me motorcycle with this kit. The kit contains the exact same sprues as the street version of the CBR1100XX. The box features pictures of the 1:1 motorcycle and on close inspection reveals the following changes are needed to build a true With Me CBR1100XX Endurance racer:

  • needs new front and rear brake discs
  • needs new front and rear calipers
  • needs new forks and handle bar controls
  • needs new front fender
  • needs new chain rings
  • needs five spoke racing wheels, not the standard three spoke street wheels
  • needs new pipes and muffler (With Me only has one on the right, not two mufflers)
  • needs the undertray
  • needs some minor swingarm modifications

As you can see, these are not nit picking details, but serious omissions and or oversights. When Tamiya released the YZF-R1 Taira Racing, they added a new sprue for pipes, muffler, chain rings and rear fender to the regular YZF-R1 sprues to address the differences. This is what they should have done with the With Me. Not just re-box the street bike and throw in two new decal sheets.

I was really excited about building this bike but know I'm faced with correcting the problems. Lets hope Tamiya doesn't make this a common practice.

I wrote Tamiya about my disappointment and this is their reply:

Dear Mr. Hartlen,

Actually, there is some background story about development of the model. Knowing there is such a big difference between the real model and our model, we had to release it because of enthusiasm of the team, which eagerly asked us for the project. To keep a good relationship with the team, we had to do it. We hope you will understand our situation.

Thank you for your interest in our products.

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