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Tamiya 1/12 Yamaha WCM YZR500 Red Bull '99 - Notes

  • Bodywork - cleaned up all body parts and assembled the front fender, fuel tank and rear cowling.
  • Engine - cleaned up and assembled the crankcase and airbox ducting. The cylinder heads and airbox ducting are moulded onto the crankcase which will make painting the assembly difficult. It would have been better to have had the cylinder heads as separate parts to simplify painting.


  • Bodywork - touched up the seams with automotive spot putty and sanded the parts smooth and they're ready to be primed.
  • Airbox - touched up the seams on the multi-piece airbox with automotive spot putty and sanded the parts smooth.


  • Bodywork - primed the tank, rear fairing, front fender and engine ducting with Plasti-Kote Automotive Sandable Grey Primer. This revealed that the seams are not perfect and need a bit more spot putty.
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