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Italeri 1/24 Red Bull Yamaha Racing Truck & Trailer - Overview

Kit Contents (#3806)

Assembled Yamaha YZR500 included with the kit

A:Black:72, B:Blue:59, C:Blue:29, D:Blue:13, E:Grey:32, F:Clear:23, G:Grey:14, H:Blue:9

A:Blue:2, C:Blue:8, D:Clear:2, E:Grey:5, F:Grey:2, G:Blue:1, H:Grey:56x2, I:Grey:20, J:Grey:11

Completely built


15 vinyl tires

Total of  pieces 430

Colour Schemes
Model Master: 1503, 1527, 1546, 1749, 2702
Release History
This model comes in a HUGE box (60cm x 42cm x 11.5cm) that is bigger than most of Tamiya's 1/6 motorcycle kit boxes. The model is packaged in two bags, one for the tractor and the other for the trailer. With the trailer's sides, top and wheels loose in the box.

The decal sheet is equally impressive at 41cm x 34cm. The yellow background is on the decal sheet, rather than requiring that the yellow be painted first. This means the Red Bull & Yamaha logos are on one huge decal that covers about half the side of the trailer. More experienced modellers might want to consider painting the yellow and cutting the Red Bull and Yamaha logos from the yellow and applying separately.

The tractor is the Renault 'Super Magnum' and the trailer is actually the Revell-AG Mercedes McLaren F1 trailer. Italeri says tat this truck and trailer combo was used by most of the GP500 teams. But since the tractor and trailer are existing kits, I'm a little skeptical. I'm not sure if this trailer would be a McLaren only trailer or if its a commonly available trailer. Unfortunately there is no interior in the trailer, so you'll have to scratch build one if you plan to leave the trailer open.

And of course, the Yamaha YZR500 Red Bull #55 from the 2000 season is included in the kit. The bike is fully assembled, painted and decaled and looks very good. There is also a helmet mounted on the seat and the rear suspension compresses.

The finished model will be an impress looking rig at 68.7cm long. It will make a nice back drop behind a line up of 1/24 Onyx or 1/12 Tamiya GP bikes.

I've never built an Italeri transport tuck before, but the detail and moulding of the parts looks quite good. I'm told the Italeri trucks go together quite well, so we shall see...
Last revised on: June 3, 2001

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