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Model GraphixModel Graphix is a Japanese publication that occasionally features motorcycle model articles with 1:1 reference pictures.

January 2001, Volume 194
Near the back is a very impressive build of the Nastro Azzurro kit along with some 1:1 pictures. Model was built by Masahiro Andoh.

And there are several 1:1 reference pictures for the Marlboro YZR500,
Telefonica RGV500gamma and Aprilia RSW500. 

October 2000, Volume 191
Features the GP500 NSR, YZR and RGV-gamma models. And a scratch build Aprilia. Also include are some detail pictures of the RGV500gamma '99 and the YZR500 Antena 3. The Antena 3 seems to have the '00 cowls on the '99 frame.

The very impressive YZR500 Antena3 can be seen on Tadahiro Imamura's site.

March 2000, Volume 184
Features some impressive of the '99 Red Bull , Marlboro and Antena3 YZR500. Model were built by Takeharu Isiyama.

December 1998, Volume 169
Features super detailed  NSR500 Repsol, MoviStar and Marlboro models. And two pages of excellent 1:1 reference pictures of Mick Doohan's NSR500 Repsol '98 ride.
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