Here are miscellaneous drafts,
exhibiting many of Tom Karmo's
(sporadic and modest)
efforts as a creative author.

You are welcome to hyperlink to these works. You are also welcome to disseminate unedited (unmodified) electronic or printed copies, provided you supply an attribution to me, stating my URL, and provided further that you comply with any additional limitations that may be stated in any copyright notices incoporated within the individual works. Copyright is hereby asserted - (c) Toomas Karmo 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 - in any of the works which do not themselves contain explicit assertions of copyright.

To ensure rational ordering by subject matter, the list is displayed in descending order of (rather casually assigned, and not necessarily unique) library call numbers, in the Library of Congress system favoured by academic cataloguers in North America. That ordering rule sends witings on editing, typesetting, and the like to the top, followed by writings on other technical topics, with minimally work-oriented writings on theological and philosophical topics coming last.