The wonderful thing about tiggers

is tiggers are wonderful things!

Welcome to the home page that time forgot -- or for which I had no time. Yes, welcome to mea culpaville, boys and girls. In any event, straight out of the World Wide Wasteland, I actually bring you the first of what I hope will be a series of long-overdue updates (as of March 2002).

The Important Stuff

These are the pages with which I occupy my time (when I have it):

Requiescat In Pace

The Gillian Anderson NeuroTransmitter Association Home Page has gone to the big server in the sky. Given the vast number of X-Files sites out there (not to mention the fact that the show is pretty boring now), I think you'll get by. Buy the first three seasons from Amazon and relive the glory. Or don't.

This is still my favourite Scully WAV file, though, and I couldn't resist preserving it.

I Know You're Going To Leave Me

Well, link-seekers, go take a look at the Heffalumps and Woozles page and find out which pages I visit on a regular basis -- if you dare, or have nothing better to do, or are interesting in new experiences, or you're trapped in an HTML factory, or for any of the other 1,000,001 reasons people do the things they do.

Tigger Factoids

Everybody deserves several hundred KB of the world's attention, right? Here's mine.

Counter? I don't need no stinkin' counter!

Remember, kids: frames suck!