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Well, another summer has come to a close and the Toronto Film Society has geared up for our upcoming Fall and Winter series. Over the next 8 months our members can look forward to 7 Sunday Matninees and 7 Monday evenings of fantastic classic films sure to keep the winter blahs out. Be sure to check out the line up and come out and join us for what is sure to be a GREAT series.

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Monday, January 14th, 2013

Up The River - (1930) - 92 min

Up The River
Director: John Ford
Cast: Spencer Tracy, Claire Luce, Warren Hymer and Humphrey Bogart

Tracy’s film debut is terrific in this very funny comedy about a pair of convicts who go to great lengths to help a buddy (Bogart) who’s fallen in love with a female prisoner (Luce).

Steamboat Round The Bend - (1935) - 81 min

Steamboat Round The Bend
Director: John Ford
Cast: Will Rogers, Anne Shirley, Irwin S. Cobb, Eugene Pallette

Steamboat captain Rogers pilots ramshackle floating waxworks museum from which he dispenses highly alcoholic cure-all medicine. Highly entertaining and the climactic steamboat race is a lulu.

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

The Gangster - (1947) - 84 min

The Gangster
Director: Gordon Wiles
Cast: Barry Sullivan, Joan Loring, Akim Tamiroff, Harry Morgan

Sullivan does a fine job as a mob leader who lets his control slip, and his self- confidence is overwhelmed by insecurity and fear. The treacherous world of film noir combines beautifully with psychological suspense.

The Street With No Name - (1948) - 91 min

The Street With No Name
Director: William Keighley
Cast: Mark Stevens, Richard Widmark, Lloyd Nolan, Barbara Lawrence

Suspense is very well-handled in the case of an F.B.I. agent uncovering the head crime-pin of a city mob. An exciting semi-documentary based on actual facts.

Upcoming Events...

Friday, May 10th through Sunday May 12th, 2013

The Toronto Film Society presents "The PRE-CODE Weekend"

Toronto Film Society is dedicating this weekend to Pre-Code films. What exactly does Pre-Code mean? This term refers to films made before the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, under Will H. Hays with Joseph L. Breen, director of the Code Administration, put into strict effect on July 1, 1934 the self-regulatory code of ethics created in 1930. The code set forth general standards of “good taste” and specific do’s and don’ts concerning what could and could not be shown in American movies. Among the general principles of the code was the requirement that “no picture shall be produced which will lower the standards of those who see it. Hence the sympathy of the audience should never be thrown to the side of crime, wrongdoing, evil or sin.” The Code had a long reaching effect on American film producers and their films until the Supreme Court brought a sweeping revision to the Code in 1966 due to the pressures of social change. So please join us to see films that were racy, risqué, and even outrageous this coming May, 2013.

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Friday, May 10th
9:15 AM BABY FACE (1933) - Barabara Stanwyck, George Bent 71 min.
10:45 AM THE CHEAT (1931) Tallulah Bankhead, Irving Pichel 74 min.
12:00 AM LUNCH
1:10 PM THREE BROADWAY GIRLS (1932) Joan Blondell, Madge Evans 79 min.
2:50 PM MAN WANTED (1932) Kay Francis, David Manners, Una Merkel 62 min.
4:10 PM MADAM SATAN (1930) Kay Johnson, Reginald Denny, Lillian Roth 116 min.
7:30 PM THE LETTER (1930) Jean Eagels, Herbert Marshall 65 min.
8:55 PM LAWYER MAN (1932) William Powell, Joan Blondell 72 min.
10:25 PM SAFE IN HELL (1931) Dorothy Mackaill, Donald Cook 73 min.
12:00 AM THE NAUGHTY FLIRT (1931) Alice White, Myrna Loy 56 min.
Saturday, May 11th
9:00 AM AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY (1931) Phillips Holmes, Sylvia Sidney 96 min.
10:55 AM BORN TO BE BAD (1934) Loretta Young, Cary Grant 62 min.
12:00 AM LUNCH
1:15 PM GIRLS ABOUT TOWN (1931) Lilyan Tashman, Joel McCrea 66 min.
2:40 PM THE CABIN IN THE COTTON (1932) Richard Barthelmess 78 min.
4:20 PM BLONDE VENUS (1932) Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall 93 min.
7:20 PM HOT SATURDAY (1932) Nancy Carroll, Cary Grant, Randolph Scott 73 min.
8:55 PM JEWEL ROBBERY (1932) William Powell, Kay Francis 68 min.
10:25 PM MIDNIGHT MARY (1933) Loretta Young, Ricardo Cortez 74 min.
12:00 AM NARCOTIC (1933) Harry Cording, Joan Dix, Patricia Farley 57 min.
Sunday, May 12th
10:00 AM THE STRANGE LOVE OF MOLLY LOUVAIN (1932) Ann Dvorak 73 min.
11:35 PM EX-LADY (1933) Bette Davis, Gene Raymond 67 min.
2:40 PM THE CRASH (1932) Ruth Chatterton, George Brent 58 min.
3:15 PM TARZAN AND HIS MATE (1934) Johnny Weissmuller 104 min.
5:20 PM NO LIMIT (1931) Clara Bow, Norman Foster 72 min.
6:55 PM SHE DONE HIM WRONG (1933) Mae West, Cary Grant 66 min.