Fall/Winter Film Series - 2012

The Toronto Film Society would like to welcome you to the 2012 Fall/Winter Film series. As usual we are offering two sets of 14 films in 7 double bills at The Carlton Cinema. Our Monday night series begins at 7:30pm sharp and our Sunday matinee series begin at 2:00pm sharp and feature films for the "film buffs" in all of us. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Sunday Matinee Film Buffs

Location: Carlton Cinema at 20 Carlton Street. The NE corner of Yonge and College.
Screening Time: 2:00pm
Cost: Series Membership of 14 films for $85 (that's less that $5.75 per film when you buy the full series)

Film Schedule

Monday Night Film Buffs

Location: Carlton Cinema at 20 Carlton Street. The NE corner of Yonge and College.
Screening Time: 7:30pm
Cost: Series Membership of 14 films for $85 (that's less that $5.75 per film when you buy the full series)

Film Schedule

Please Note:

  • Regular Carlton Cinema box office pricing will not apply to Toronto Film Society screenings.
  • Your T.F.S. membership card will get you a discount at any of The Carlon's regular screenings thoughout the year.
  • TTC: College subway and streetcar stop just steps away.
  • PARKING: Lot parking close by on Church Street, limited street parking out front.


Sunday Matinee - Programme 1 - September 30th

Oliver Twist - (1922) - 77 min

Oliver Twist
Director: Frank Lloyd
Cast: Jackie Cooper
Lon Chaney
Gladys Brockwell

A fine silent version of Dickens classic with a good performance by Jackie Coogan who was then at the height of his juvenile stardom, and a striking one by Chaney, as Fagan. With added musical score.

Oliver Twist Notes

The Pickwick Papers - (1952) - 109 min

The Pickwick Papers
Director: Noel Langley
Cast: James Hayter
James Donald
Hermoine Gingold
Joyce Grenfell

Dickens first and most comic novel is brought to the screen with a talented assortment of British performers romping through the adventures of the Pickwick Club. Touching and hilarious.

The Pickwick Papers

Sunday Matinee - Programme 2 - November 4th

Behind Locked Doors - (1948) - 62 min

Behind Locked Doors
Director: Bud Boetticher
Cast: Richard Carlson
Lucille Bremer
Douglas Fowley

A neat grade-B film noir about an investigator who checks out a sanatorium where a missing judge is being held. A suspenseful and well-acted thriller.

Behind Locked Doors Notes

Penthouse - (1933) - 90 min

Director: W.S. Van Dyke
Cast: Warner Baxter
Myrna Loy
Phillips Holmes
Charles Butterworth

Baxter’s a mouthpiece who’s been dumped by the mob and Myrna’s a call-girl who can clear him of a trumped-up murder charge. Star chemistry at its most bewitching in this terrific comedy-melodrama.


Sunday Matinee - Programme 3 - December 9th

Theodora Goes Wild - (1936) - 94 min

Theodora Goes Wild
Director: Richard Boleslawski
Cast: Irene Dunne
Melvyn Douglas
Thomas Mitchell
Spring Byington

Lots of funny twists in the story of a small-town librarian who writes a steamy best- seller about the secret life of small towns. Irene Dunne’s first comedy and it’s terrific!

Theodora Goes Wild Notes

It's Love I'm After - (1937) - 90 min

It's Love I'm After
Director: Archie Mayo
Cast: Bette Davis
Leslie Howard
Olivia de Havilland
Eric Blore

A daffy screwball comedy about a battling theatrical couple who never quite make it to the alter. de Havilland’s infatuation with Howard’s ego-struck actor provides the spark that triggers an explosion.

It's Love I'm After Notes

Sunday Matinee - Programme 4 - January 20th

The Gangster - (1947) - 84 min

The Gangster
Director: Gordon Wiles
Cast: Barry Sullivan
Joan Loring
Akim Tamiroff
Harry Morgan

Sullivan does a fine job as a mob leader who lets his control slip, and his self- confidence is overwhelmed by insecurity and fear. The treacherous world of film noir combines beautifully with psychological suspense.

The Street With No Name - (1948) - 91 min

The Street With No Name
Director: William Keighley
Cast: Mark Stevens
Richard Widmark
Lloyd Nolan
Barbara Lawrence

Suspense is very well-handled in the case of an F.B.I. agent uncovering the head crime-pin of a city mob. An exciting semi-documentary based on actual facts.

Sunday Matinee - Programme 5 - February 10th

King Of Jazz - (1930) - 98 min

King Of Jazz
Director: John Murray Anderson
Cast: Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra
John Boles
Bing Crosby and the Rhythm Boys
Laura La Plante

This million-dollar musical revue is filled with larger-than-life production numbers and wonderful songs, plus, of course, Rhapsody In Blue (which in early 2-strip Technicolor is more of a rhapsody in turquoise).

Stars And Stripes Forever - (1952) - 89 min

Stars And Stripes Forever
Director: Henry Koster
Cast: Clifton Webb
Robert Wagner
Debra Paget
Ruth Hussey

An enjoyable musical having practically nothing to do with “The March King”, John Philip Sousa’s real life. But the music is authentic, rousing and constantly well-played; and Webb is excellent.

Sunday Matinee - Programme 6 - March 3rd

Blood On The Moon - (1948) - 88 min

Blood On The Moon
Director: Robert Wise
Cast: Robert Mitchum
Barbara Bel Geddes
Robert Preston
Walter Brennan

Mitchum’s drifter is hired by his former partner (an unrepentant villain) to help him bilk some naïve landowners. His decision that it’s a no-go results in a terrific shootout climax in a darkened bar.

The Violent Men - (1955) - 96 min

The Violent Men
Director: Rudolph Maté
Cast: Glenn Ford
Barbara Stanwyck
Edward G. Robinson
Brian Keith
Dianne Foster

Stanwyck’s a ranch-house Regina Giddens (think “Little Foxes”) canoodling with her husband’s younger brother (Keith) and Robinson’s her crippled husband, a ruthless land baron. Ford just wants to sell his land and cattle, marry his fiancée, and leave. Lots of conflict in this large, sprawling Western, magnificently shot.

Sunday Matinee - Programme 7 - April 7th

Sadie McKee - (1934) - 93 min

Sadie McKee
Director: Clarence Brown
Cast: Joan Crawford
Gene Raymond
Franchot Tone
Edward Arnold

Crawford shines as a poor but honest housemaid with three men in her life; dashing but irresponsible Raymond, tipply millionaire Arnold and earnest employer Tone. Beautifully paced, handsomely filmed and solidly entertaining.

They Met In Bombay - (1941) - 92 min

They Met In Bombay
Director: Clarence Brown
Cast: Clark Gable
Rosalind Russell
Peter Lorre
Reginald Owen

A rousing adventure yarn about a couple of jewel thieves who fall in love, with war looming; enhanced by Lorre as a money-hungry, cargo-ship captain. All done with MGM’s usual polish.

Monday Night - Programme 1 - October 15th

Wedding Present - (1936) - 82 min

Wedding Present
Director: Richard Wallace
Cast: Cary Grant
Joan Bennett
George Bancroft
Conrad Nagel

Grant and Bennett make a great team as two newspaper reporters but when he gets a raise and she doesn’t, there’s trouble. Announcing her intention to marry, Cary gives her a wedding present she can’t refuse.

Wedding Present Notes

The Rage Of Paris - (1938) - 75 min

The Rage of Paris
Director: Henry Koster
Cast: Danielle Darrieux
Doublas Fairbanks Jr.
Mischa Auer
Louis Hayward

Darrieux is charming in this frothy comedy, as a sensible Parisian girl who campaigns vigorously to snare a wealthy husband, but succumbs to true love.

The Rage Of Paris Notes

Monday Night - Programme 2 - November 12th

Q Planes (Clouds Over Europe) - (1939) - 78 min

Q Planes (Clouds Over Europe)
Director: Tim Whelan
Cast: Laurence Olivier
Ralph Richardson
Valerie Hobson
George Curzon

Spies are lurking around Britain’s aircraft industry but are foiled by a young test pilot and a crafty Scotland Yard man. A fine thriller with Richardson a delight.

Q Planes (Clouds Over Europe) Notes

The Lady With The Lamp - (1951) - 110 min

The Lady With The Lamp
Director: Herbert Wilcox
Cast: Anna Neagle
Michael Wilding
Felix Aylmer

A lavishly produced biography of 19th-century nurse-crusader Florence Nightingale; beautifully portrayed by Anna Neagle as the Crimean War heroine.

The Lady With The Lamp Notes

Monday Night - Programme 3 - December 3rd

Stand-In - (1937) - 91 min

Director: Tay Garnett
Cast: Leslie Howard
Joan Blondell
Humphrey Bogart
Jack Carson

A rollicking screwball farce about a timid but efficient accountant (Howard) sent to reorganize a bankrupt Hollywood studio and becoming involved with sexy but underemployed stand-in Blondell and mercurial producer Bogart.

Stand-In Notes

What Price Hollywood - (1932) - 88 min

What Price Hollywood
Director: George Cukor
Cast: Constance Bennett
Lowell Sherman
Gregory Ratoff
Brooks Benedict
Louise Beavers

The career of a waitress takes off when she meets an amiable drunken Hollywood producer.

What Price Hollywood? Notes

Monday Night - Programme 4 - January 14th

Up The River - (1930) - 92 min

Up The River
Director: John Ford
Cast: Spencer Tracy
Claire Luce
Warren Hymer
Humphrey Bogart

Tracy’s film debut is terrific in this very funny comedy about a pair of convicts who go to great lengths to help a buddy (Bogart) who’s fallen in love with a female prisoner (Luce).

Steamboat Round The Bend - (1935) - 81 min

Steamboat Round The Bend
Director: John Ford
Cast: Will Rogers
Anne Shirley
Irwin S. Cobb
Eugene Pallette

Steamboat captain Rogers pilots ramshackle floating waxworks museum from which he dispenses highly alcoholic cure-all medicine. Highly entertaining and the climactic steamboat race is a lulu.

Monday Night - Programme 5 - February 18th

Railroaded! - (1947) - 72 min

Director: Anthony Mann
Cast: John Ireland
Sheila Ryan
Hugh Beaumont

Another nice piece of film noir by director Mann about a ruthless gangster (Ireland) who frames an innocent youth for murder. A tight and suspenseful crime opus.

He Walked By Night - (1948) - 79 min

He Walked By Night
Director: Alfred L. Werker
Cast: Richard Basehart
Scott Brady
Jack Webb
Whit Bissell

A terrific semi-documentary chase drama showing how the police stalk a killer. Exciting, tense and absorbing, and Basehart is superb as the killer. Partially directed by a. Mann.

Monday Night - Programme 6 - March 11th

Moss Rose - (1947) - 47 min

Moss Rose
Director: Gregory Ratoff
Cast: Peggy Cummins
Victor Mature
Ethel Barrymore
Vincent Price

A well-done mystery drama about a chorus girl who blackmails her way into high society but comes up against an aristocratic family involved in murder. Watch out for mother.

Chase A Crooked Shadow - (1958) - 87 min

Chase A Crooked Shadow
Director: Michael Anderson
Cast: Anne Baxter
Richard Todd
Herbert Lom
Alexander Knox

Heiress Baxter becomes the victim of a diabolical set-up to do her out of her sizeable inheritance. An exciting Hitchcock-like melodrama.

Programme 7 - April 15th

Night And The City - (1950) - 101 min

Night And The City
Director: Jules Dassin
Cast: Richard Widmark
Gene Tierney
Googie Withers
Hugh Marlowe

Dassin’s gem of an expressionistic thriller, beautifully shot in London. Widmark gives one of his most understated performances, nervous and taut, as an American low-life on the lam.

Gunman In The Streets - (1950) - 86 min

Gunman In The Streets
Director: Frank Tuttle
Cast: Dane Clark
Simone Signoret
Fernand Gravet
Robert Duke

An extremely interesting film noir shot in Paris and never released in the States. Here’s another crook on the run, this time it’s Dane Clark, who turns to his girlfriend (Signoret) for money—and a way out of the country. Noir never looked better thanks to great use of the Paris locations.