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Coastline of Our Dreams - (2005) (various artists)
SGB 052 CD only
A tribute to the songwriting of Ian Tamblyn featuring:
Bay of Sails (Hart Rouge), Black Spruce (Rodney Brown), One Horse Town (Lynn Miles), Ballad of Mark Jarareuse (Aengus Finnan), Boy on an Island (Sugar Sticks), Days of Sun and Wind (Gwen Swick), Take Me Home (Betty & the Bobs) , Angel's Share (Susan Crowe), Long Lost French Cafˇ (Valdy), Dangerous Doorway (Brent Titcomb), Chasing the Sun (Fred Guignion), Heart of the Run (Fig For A Kiss), Moose Tracks (Sneezy Waters), A Guitar Man Is a Lot Like a Truck Driving Man (Ken Hamm), Hollywood Parade (Rita Chiarelli), 25th Hour of Day (Ken Whiteley), Boxes (Georgette Fry)

Flights of Fancy - (2004) (Alex Sinclair, solo)
SGB 034 CD only
Songs about the Welland Canal and the Niagara region of Ontario:
William Hamilton Merritt, Shovelling Mud, Slabtown, The Annie and Jane, Underground Railroad, William Lyon MacKenzie Slept Here, Grand River Canal, Ghosts Walk, Fickle Wind, The Flowers of Niagara, The Stuff of Dreams

Tree - (2001)
SGB 033 CD only
Plant a Tree, Firewood Song, Made From Trees, The Ash Grove, The Power of Ice, Tree Planters, Keep the Brown Side Down, Le Temps des Sucres, Hold On, Caragana, North Vancouver Island Song, City Trees, Hills of Evergreen, Maple Syrup, Gooderham Logging Camps, The Trees Came Back

Spirit and Stone - (2000)
Wind River Records WR 4018 CD only
Water Run over the Stone; Steady On; Those Fatal Lights; 1700 Years Ago; Oh, Donald; Hi-Lo Reel; Gradual Demise of All Things; Campfire Light; Dans le Nord Canadien; I Wish It Would Rain; The Old Wood Stove; Retreating Like Tecumseh

Au Canada
CD Only
- a collection of traditional songs and tunes previously released on Tamarack albums that are now out-of-print -
Long Green Chain; Un Beau Matin; Bold General Wolfe; Ferryland Sealer; Davey Lousdon; Lord Franklin; The Old Ragadoo; Le Sergent ; Peter Emberley ; Hangin' in the Barn; Sunset ; Far From Home; Julia Delaney/The Bold Deserter; Les Raftsmen; Tarbolton Reel/The Backwoodsman

Between the Rideau and the St. Lawrence
CD Only
a collection of songs about Eastern Ontario and the Rideau Canal previously released on Tamarack albums that are now out-of-print -
Loyal She Remains; Shantyman's Life; Excavating on the Rideau; Swamp Fever; Black Rapids Girl; The Kitty Friel ; Billy Boy; Bait, Bass, and Beer; Battle of the Windmill ; The Banks of the Nile ; Les Raftsmen; The Hangman's Eyes; Aultsville; Saturday Night Up the Gatineau (and yes, we know that this is in western Quebec) ; Lake of the Caogama

Blankets of Snow - (1998)
SGB31, CD Only
Tamarack live Christmas album with special guests The Guelph Children Singers, Jeff Bird, Randall Coryell and Ruth Sutherland-
Blankets of Snow; Eramosa Christmas; Unto Us a Son Is Given; Bring a Torch Jeanette, Isabella; Shave the Bear; Carol of the Bells; It's the Rink Every Evening for Mine; Christmastide: Mary, Mary; Logging Camp Christmas; Chro Chinn T'saile; Deck the Halls; The Season's Bright Magic; Unto Us a Boy is Born; Eloise and Abelard; Frobisher Bay; The Christmas Song; Christmas All Year

"Thirteen " (1998)
Folk Era Records FE1443D , CD only
We Owe it To The Pioneers; Maynard's Big Front Porch; Hammers On the Scaffold; Hockey Town; Elizabeth Would Walk; Chippewa Smile; Red River Carts; Mills of Massachusetts; Highway 17; Behind The False Fronts; Take Me Back To P.E.I.; Down the Old Tweed Road; Farther Along

Leaving Inverarden (1996)
Folk Era FE1432, CD only
Leaving Inverarden; Magdalen McGillivray; The Ironmaster; Maple Syrup; Up On the Verandah;Tugboat Days; Banks of the Rocky Saugeen; The Huntsville Fire; Till the Stopwatch Is Gone; A River Runs Through Lytton; Le Sergent;The Pride of Muskoka; Queen of Silver Centre

On the Grand (1993)
Folk Era Records, FE1421, Cassette and CD
Our White Man's Word; Pawpine; The Song My Paddle Sings; Lochaber No More/Skirl of the Pipes; The Elora Mill; The Virginia Brand; The Grand River Canal; She Is Fickle; Lancashire Lasses; Brant County Roads; Buried Treasure; Dufferin County; Pioneer Tower Road

VIDEO (both videos now available on one DVD)

The Grand: The Story of A River ( 1995)
38 Minute Video Produced for the CBC, this new video mixes songs from Tamarack's "On the Grand" album with stunning scenery, archival footage and the band's narration. The band was James Gordon, Alex Sinclair, and Carole LeClair.


Tamarack - On the Rideau ( 1989)
48 Minute Video Produced for the CBC, this video features songs, stories and scenery from Tamarack's 1989 Rideau Canal concert tour. We travelled the length of the canal by houseboat giving concerts along the way and the CBC came along for the ride (and the endless beer from our sponsor Sleemans). The band featured James Gordon, Alex Sinclair, and Melanie Doane.



The Tamarack Songbook
Over 80 of Tamarack's recorded songs in a handsome-looking volume with sheet-music, lyrics, chord charts and anecdotes.


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Songbook - $25.00

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DVD - $12.00
Songbook - $25.00

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