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Patrick Jenkins is an award winning artist, director and graphic novelist whose movies have been shown in Art Galleries and at International Film Festivals. His graphic novel "Tales from Phantom City" is now available. His latest film "Hall of Mirrors" (2022), can be viewed online on CBC Gem's Canadian Reflections Series. His film “Emanations: A Visual Poem” (2017) won the Best Animation Award, at the 2018 West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival and has shown at Festivals around the world, as was his 2015 film “Phantom City”, a magic realist, paint on glass animated, noir film. In 2014 he made "Circle Game" a short, computer animated abstract film. In 2012 he completed "Sorceress", a 9 minute mythological adventure story, done using paint on glass animation. "Sorceress" was in competition at the 2012 London International Film Fesival and has been shown at the 2012 Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia; BE FILM, the Underground Film Festival in New York City and the TAIS Showcase, Toronto. His recent film "Tara's Dream" won both Second Prize and Best Animation Prize at the 2010 Toronto Urban Film Festival. His film "Amoeba" won first prize at the 2010 Toronto Animated Image Society Showcase. His film "Inner View" (2009), an animated homage to the art of Canadian artist Kazuo Nakamura was an Official Selection of Animafest, in Zagreb, Croatia in 2010. His film "Labyrinth" (2008), a surreal detective story, won 1st place in the Independent, 6 to 30 Minutes Category, at the 2009 KAFI Festival and 3rd Prize for animation at the 2010 Be Film Festival in New York City and was included in the dvd the Best of the London International Animation Festival 2009. His documentaries, "Of Lines And Men: The Animation Of Jonathan Amitay" and "Death Is In Trouble Now: The Sculptures Of Mark Adair" premiered on BRAVO! Television in October 2007. His film "The Skateboarder" premiered at the 2005 Montreal World Film Festival and was shown at the 2005 Ottawa International Animation Festival and the prestigious 2006 Annecy Animation Festival in Annecy, France. His documentary film "RALPH: Coffee, Jazz and Poetry, The Poetry of Ralph Alfonso" premiered at the 2001 Montreal World Film Festival and was broadcast on CBC Television's Canadian Reflections and BRAVO! Television.

I was a guest author/artist at this year’s 2024 Angoulême Comics Festival in Angoulême, France from Jan. 24 to 28.

Here I am with my graphic novel “Tales from Phantom City” in front of the Canadian Pavilion. Canada was the featured country at the festival this year.

Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council and the Province of Ontario for providing travel funding.

Tales from Phantom City graphic novel:

Now available!!! Here's the links:
In stores and from At Bay Press

Available in these Toronto area bookstores:

Book City # 3 and 6
The Beguiling
Type Books
Book City Book Master Scarborough
Another Story

and worldwide from your local bookstore

Now available
My first graphic novel:
"Tales from Phantom City"

CBC announcement Graphic Novel Tales from Phantom City cover Off Kilter review
Available in stores and from At Bay Press
A cat shaped pendant with magical powers, takes a detective on a precarious journey through a mysterious city. Award winning artist and animator Patrick Jenkins has devised a story as affecting as his complex line art. A mixture of film noir and magic realism that explores surrealism and metaphysics through graphic storytelling. A game where reality is always in question. Smokey halftones and sumptuous linework are binding elements in a sequence of bizarre twists. A layered vortex of visual delights without linear paths or escape.

On Sat. Aug. 12, 2023 at 8 p.m. Comic Books Live!!! presented a dramatic reading of my graphic novel "Tales From Phantom City" at the Assembly Theatre, 1479 Queen St. West, Toronto.


My latest film "Hall of Mirrors" is now on the CBC television show Canadian Reflections. It is also be available for online viewing on CBC Gem and other streaming services. Canadian viewers only. Here's the link:

and at the following film festivals:

May 2023 in competition at Les Sommets du cinema d’animation, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May 2023 Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia
May 2023 AFX the Animation Festival of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
September 2022 Anima In Situ, International Animation Film Festival, Morelia, Mexico


Carousel Magazine
You can read an interview with me in the current issue of Carousel Magazine here:
It covers my work in flip books, animated films and graphic novels. There's also a link to my 2015 short movie "Phantom City"
Carousel Magazine

Check out this podcast discussion I participated in:

podcast patrick

Hall of Mirrors Poster

New Film: Hall of Mirrors (2022)

Here's the trailer:

New Film: The Museum of Lost Dreams (2019)

Here's the trailer:

My films are distributed by Winnipeg Film Group Distribution. Click here to visit their site.

You can see my films on video by demand here.

circle game

My short abstract animated film "Circle Game" (2014) is available online on Vucavu. Music by Paul Intson.

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